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It was a year ago that I learned about Bratpack because of a blogger event that introduced us to the Timbuktu laptop bag. A few days later, I bought myself a Timbuktu ladies laptop bag called Marina from where else…BRATPACK. It amazes me to see the growth of Bratpack after I received an invite to attend the launch of their Greenbelt 5 branch. Back in July 2007, they only had two branches.

Bratpack also added many other brands to their roster, making it easy for their customers to choose a stylish laptop bag that suits their personalities and lifestyles. Each brand carries their own distinct style. JanSport’s iconic SuperBreak backpack is practically an icon and has been popular among students, travelers, and adventure-seekers for over 40 years now. Then we have Timbuk2, of course, whose tough messenger bags makes the brand a favorite among urbanites and young people all over the world. There’s also a Belgian brand called Hedgren, whose bags are inspired by the perfect symmetry of the cube and features clean lines and elegant accents.

Besides bags, Bratpack also carries Skull Candy headphones, skate brands DC and Sector9, and Sanuk for surfers. There’s definitely something in there for all sorts of lifestyles.

Most blogger events are scheduled at night and I am often hesitant to attend because it means less quality time with my husband and children. But yesterday night was an exception.

Like all blogger events, I enjoy the bonding moments with fellow bloggers. It’s been ages since I met up with Jane and I am really glad I went.

A lot of activities awaited the bloggers. First of all, we had the “design your own” clothes which was quite easy to do.

This was mine.

Second, was design your own Jansport bag.

And my least favorite activity was the riddle game because it took so long to finish and alienated a lot of the bloggers that didn’t participate. The game was really cute and innovative mind you, but I won’t bore you with the details of this contest. I am happy though that Jane won a bag after being persistent with the game unlike bored old me.

It was still a happy event despite that game…and I will make you even happier by giving you a chance to win this Bratpack bag until November 14.

You might still have the chance to win a bratpack bag. Win a Bratpack bag. Deadline is November 14, 2008.

Bratpack is a member of the Primer Group that carries global brands that makes for a practical and personal billboard of expression for urban dwellers, promoted through collaborations with the indie art and music scenes’ finest. Inspire. Interpret. Express. For inquiries email [email protected] or visit their website at

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