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At the launch of the Pioneer and Blue Cow three revolutionary products, Lorenzo Chan (CEO of Pioneer Inc.) had this to say about their company’s advocacy for over-all financial wellness.

Imagine a world where insurance is highly affordable by every man, woman and child not unlike the cost of a mobile phone, a prepaid card or a date at the movies followed by a meal at Jollibee. In our world of imagination, you only have to pay once and coverage remains in effect until the time you get your money. Or – you can pay as often as you can afford to, when you want to. Perhaps, we can dream of a world where insurance is easy to understand, where information required is only half a page and where we can literally walk into a gas station, bookstore or retail outlet to buy it.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to spark your day by introducing you to the result of our imagination – Sparxx – insurance in bite-size chunks for every consumer:

sparxx insuranceinsurance
Sparx is for 10 year old and below while SparXx is for the Young adults

1) Sparxx is insurance and savings in a sachet. Priced at P300, P500, P1000, P2,500 and P5000.

2) Only one payment is required BUT you have the option of buying more as often as you can AND want to. Each purchase gives coverage or money back with guaranteed interest at the end of the agreed time.

3) Activation of cover after purchase can be done with the touch of your fingers – by a call to our contact center, through our website or mail. Only useful info about half a page short is required, no personal bits about health or habits.

4) These sachets will be made available first in Metro-Manila and later on – nationwide – through our offices and accredited distributors. Distributors initially include select Petron service stations, and Load Central (one of the largest electronic reloading stations). They will include shops, retail outlets, schools and agents alike. Meanwhile, top-ups can also be done via Banco de Oro, BPI, Unionbank, Chinatrust and 7-11 stores.

Because the development of buying habits and familiarity with consumer goods start at a young age, we introduce Sparx – our sachet for children ages 10 and below at an affordable P100.


Because consumption often rules in a market overflowing with goods, we have added more sparks to our two products – 1) a design that lets the consumer save while he spends and 2) programs for groups or buyers in bulk that provide tips to be financially well.

private iris
Private Iris – one of the coolest comic books from the publishing industry in a long time. Published by a new company called Blue Cow Co. Inc., it comes with a lot of goodies and freebies – a great story created by two very talented Pinoys – Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre. It is fun but not preachy. Expect interesting science facts, steps to build gadgets and money saving tips. Best of all, Sparx makes an appearance in Private Iris by way of a savings code worth over a hundred pesos. Private Iris is available today at Fully Booked, National Bookstore and Powerbooks. Other outlets are in the pipeline.

“Our dream has been to revolutionize the way insurance is regarded in the Philippine market because in so doing, we can bring it to more Filipinos so more Filipinos can realize its benefits,” Mr. Chan said. “To gain real sustainable acceptance would have meant that all our relentless efforts—to make the experience more pleasant, the product more attractive, the benefits more real and the price more affordable—have paid off.”

About Pioneer
Pioneer is a group of companies with two main arms: Pioneer Insurance, representing non-life insurance, and Pioneer Life, representing life. With over half a century of experience, Pioneer consistently charts insurance milestones and annual premiums continue to impress. Pioneer has an extensive network around the Philippines with 34 branches. With an office in Hong Kong, Pioneer Insurance remains the only active Philippine non-life company writing business in China’s Special Administrative Region. Pioneer is firmly committed to becoming a model Filipino enterprise. It continues to expand and build new foundations, with the opening of Pioneer House Cebu as its most recent milestone.

About Blue Cow
Blue Cow is a revolution that redefines today’s businesses. Presently channeling its energy to publishing, general merchandising and events promotion, its ultimate purpose is to create fresh new worlds in mature industries or those identified with a lot of hard to understand fine-print. Insurance is Blue Cow’s first foray. It establishes a unique world of consumption and savings where the traditionally opposed behaviors of savings & insurance, and spending go hand in hand. This is a world driven by the bigger dream of starting Pinoys on the path to financial wellness.

For further information, please contact:
Alyssa “Yaan” G. Sarmiento / Nian Rigor
[email protected] / [email protected]
0922-8131113 / 0920-9275809
8935642 loc. 127 / loc. 138

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