Advantages of Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is unlike anything you can find at department stores and malls. It is made up of micro-sized, powdered minerals like zinc, titanium oxide, ultramarine, bismuth oxychloride and mica, which all have natural healing qualities. Use a brush to apply the makeup on your face and you can get an even, natural-looking layer that will give your skin a healthy glow.

Mineral makeup has a lot of advantages over commercially-available makeup. Here are just a few of them:

Bacteria content

Whereas conventional makeup comes in liquid for or uses a bonding agent to keep it together, mineral makeup is basically loose powder. Because it is dry, mineral makeup does not provide the right environment for bacterial growth, making it safe for long-term use. Commercial makeup, on the other hand, needs to be thrown away after their expiration day because of their moisture content, which bacteria uses to multiply and survive.


Mineral makeup is perfect for use in tropical countries like the Philippines, especially now that it’s starting to heat up. Conventional makeup already has moisture content, which means it cannot absorb excess oil or sweat. Under humid conditions, regular makeup melts. Mineral makep, however, can withstand high humidity and will stay put on your face the entire day.

Skin condition

Commercial makeup like liquid foundation can clog up your pores. Many of them also contain artificial fragrance and chemicals like alpha hydroxy, which will remove the top layer of your skin to try to make you look younger. Unfortunately, a lot of people are sensitive to chemicals and discover that commercial makeup irritates and inflames their skin. Mineral makeup, on the other hand, actually nourishes your skin, blocks harmful UV rays, and gives you great coverage. Because it is made up of non-organic pigments and pure minerals, it does not clog up your pores. Some users even say that their skin quality improved after using mineral makeup.

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