A new cousin

Good news! Alleluia! My aunt finally gave birth today! We’re going to visit her tonight. Oh yeah, the baby is a girl. My mom said that she looks a lot like my aunt. I think I find the baby lucky since she has to get some older cousins. I really like being with someone older. Can you imagine that I am the eldest among my cousins? It’s sort of frustrating, not having someone older to look up to.

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Waiting Game

Today was a pretty exciting day for me. First, I wake up in the morning with my mom telling me that my Aunt was about to give birth. Yes!!!! A new cousin. Awesome. So me, my sister and my mom are going to my cousins’ house. We are also going to pick up my grandma because my other aunt is a dermatolagist and my grandma has some allergies in her face. At my grandma’s house, my other aunt called (the one that was about to give birth) and said that it was a false alarm. Everyone was disappointed. There was even a bloody show and everything. But that didn’t stop my fun.

So my sis, Mom and Grandma went to my other aunt’s house and said that all of them will go out for a little while. I grabbed a book of scary tales from my cousin’s bedroom-I love horror stories. Then I rejoined my sister and my two cousins out at the shade of the park, sat down and read. Then we ran around for a little while until my mom came home. She said she didn’t have to call us because the minute we see the barrel of fried chicken, we’ll swarm the house like flies.

After that, my aunt announced my cousins could sleep over in our house. Yeah! I guess the reason my aunt wants my cousins to sleep over is because they didn’t come to our huose on Christmas day. We got in the car and we all managed to fit. We made recycled paper, fiddled around with the bunnies and now, I’m here in sitting infront of the computer monitor, listening to my sister and cousins laugh their heads off infront of the TV set because they are watching some comedy show.

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