2Go Express- Delivery Service

A couple of weeks ago I joined this book exchange community called Book Mooch where you send books and receive books from fellow Moochers. This service is absolutely free, but the catch is that you have to pay for shipping. I had a couple of books I needed to send locally and I was worried that maybe I accepted more than I could handle because I didn’t have time to make repeat trips to the nearest post office.

Then I discovered that you can send stuff nationwide through 2Go Express – and you don’t necessarily have to leave your house to do it! You can call the 2G0 hotline at 528-7136 and have them pick up your packages at your house. Alternately,you can also visit one of their 200 outlets, which are located inside malls and other easy to find places.

Besides the convenience of pick-up, another awesome thing about 2Go Express is that you don’t have to worry about lost packages. Once your package is registered, you get a tracking number that you can send to your recipient so he or she can track the package through text or through the 2Go website.

I also love how reasonable 2Go’s rates are. Their QuickPac non-document delivery rates costs at least Php 125 for small packages (50 grams), Php 150 for medium sized packages (2 kilos), Php 215 for large packages (3 kilos), and Php 300 for extra large packages (4 kilos).

I haven’t sent out my books yet, but I’ll be giving the 2Go hotline a call right now and ask them if they can pass by the house tomorrow.

For more information on rates, branches, and the service, visit the 2Go website or call the customer service hotline at (+63 2) 5287-136.

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