2011 Planners That Aren’t From Starbucks

Not everyone who organizes their life with an old-school planner wants to drink 30 cups of coffee in order to get the highly coveted Starbucks planner. Fortunately, there are many wallet- and diet-friendly novelty planners in the market. They may not have stickers and they may not give you a coffee shop discount, but they are packed with useful features. Some might even have a freebie or two!

belle de jour

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is a favorite of kikay girls everywhere, and for good reason. Not only do they have handy features like a menstrual cycle tracker and women-related articles; every purchase of a planner comes with coupons that give you discounts at establishments like barre3, Get Laud, and Suesh. In addition, a percentage of their sales goes to a women’s charity selected by the Belle de Jour team. Get yours for only P598 at http://www.belledejourpowerplanner.com/.

planner people

If you want a planner sans the bells and whistles, you might like the selections at Planner People. Their 2011 planner is simple and straightforward – nothing more than the yearly, monthly, and weekly views. They’re also affordable at P200 each and come in 9 different designs. Buy one at http://planner.wedgienet.net/.

i was supposed to get that coffeehouse planner

It doesn’t get any more honest than a planner called “I Was Supposed to Get That Coffeehouse Planner But I Got Fat/Broke on the 10th Frappe” from Witty Will Save the World. I’m not sure if they’re making a 2011 edition for this one, but I’d definitely get it if I were the type to use planners.

relaks puso lang yan

The Relaks, Puso Lang Yan planner is also from Witty Will Save the World. Filled with colorful illustrations, fun quizzes, and snappy statements, this is a great planner for guys and girls who don’t want an overly-kikay planner. Only P350 at http://wittyonline.multiply.com.

Any other planners you’d like to recommend?

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