Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar Collection

If you enjoyed Zen Zest’s Cocktail Scents, your mouth will start watering when you smell their new line of yummy fragrances. Inspired by delicious sweets and fruity aromas, the Sparkling Sugar collection will definitely please with their crisp, clean scents.

If you love fruity fragrances, try the Key Lime Pie, a light combination of sweet citrus and the unique scent of tart green key limes and creamy milk. The Watermelon Sorbet will remind you of the summer with its refreshing combination of watermelons, lemon, and sugar scents.

The Sparkling Sugar collection has several pastry-inspired fragrances that will make you start craving for the real thing. Vanilla Ice Cream is a distinct eau de cologne with the warm scents of milk, vanilla beans, and a slight hint of honey. Cherry Cheesecake has the sweet tarty scents of ripe, red cherries and vanilla and honey undertones.

The Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar collection can be found at all Zen Zest retail outlets in major malls. Each 120 ml bottle costs Php 140.

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