Want a Havaianas Flip-Float?

Contest ends on May 15 Winner is Rowena Wendy Lei

Want a Havaianas Flip-Float? Tell us in the comment section below and you can receive an exclusive Havaianas inflatable slipper raft?

Just Perfect for the beach and romping around with friends and family!

So just comment below what you can do with flipfloat.


  1. Abbie says:

    My whole family will be Boracay-bound this summer. My niece would love her first trip to the island with this big, huge floater with us while we swim and explore the niceties of Boracay.

    It’s the best beach accessory to be paired with our nice and flowery Havaianas!

  2. Mai says:

    My friend and I were at the Belle De Jour event last time, and we had no idea that the Havaianas Salbabida displayed was up for grabs, we were talking about how we wish it’s included in the prizes, we already pictured ourselves taking it with us to the beach/pool (everywhere there’s water HAHA because it’s the COOOOLEST Salbabida EVER!!), camwhoring with it, sharing the flip-float with the rest of our barkada ♥ & how effortless it will be for us to just lounge on it. We especially love the straps, we could hold it so that we won’t fall and it also serves as a pillow, how perfect is that!! Now back to the BDJ event-when they announced that the next winner will take the Havaianas Flip-Float (so that’s what you call it haha) displayed, my friend and I we’re like AWWWWWW :( because we want it so badly :( Fortunately the Official Havaianas Facebook fan page is also holding a contest for the flip-floats & I’m a lucky subscriber of your rss feeds, more chances of getting the flip-float yipeee!! Hope I win! Please!

  3. Ria says:

    I WANT THIS!!!! I wanna win this because I’m a certified beach bum…if I could afford to, I would live in a beach!!! With this I could at least pretend I live in the beach, even if I’m just lounging by my inflatable pool ;-)

    It would be an added bonus for me to win this because despite the fact I love joining these raffles/draws/contests, I still have to win one!!!

  4. JM says:

    I’ll be going to Anawangin soon and with this humongous floater I’d pretend to ride the (small) waves a la Tom Hanks in Castaway. Let’s throw in a Wilson volley ball for posterity! Hahaha :P

  5. Micah says:

    Oh my god. I can already see myself with this amazing havs float! Okay first, I want this float because it is so one of a kind. I mean, If you’re in a beach/pool of course people can’t bare not looking at you with this, right? That makes you the center of attraction. Which apparently MOST of us wants even for some time right, rightt??? Second, I’m so not a good swimmer and of course i need this float for support! lastly, Me and my family are havaianas fanatic and we would not let this opportunity to pass!

  6. Fitz says:

    They were giving these away in Boracay last Holy Week. Too bad I was in Puerto Galera. Sayang.

    That’s why I’m glad to read this post. Woot! I want one! I’ll use it for skin boarding! :D

  7. Julie says:

    WOW! That is a perfect beach and/or pool accessory that I know my kids would love!

    That Havaianas Flip-float will surely make heads turn and why not,it looks so cool! :D

  8. Jennie says:

    Wow, we could really make use of one of this grand flip floats on our family’s Bora getaway this June! :-) I love that we will get to travel back to where we honeymooned with our little tot in tow this time. He is going to have a splendid time atop this huge flip float, on the shores of Bora :D

  9. Ken says:

    Those flip-floats look so cool! My kids love their havaianas! I can just imagine how great it would look to see them playing on top of a giant havaianas flip-float while wearing their own havaianas flip-flops and floating in the ocean beside a beautiful white beach with the summer sun setting slowly behind them. Whew! Photo ops galore!

  10. Jane says:

    The kids always look forward to summertime to get away from the city, take the plane to Dumaguete, see their relatives and hang out on the beach. They’ve swam using flippers, kiddie floats from SM, arm floaters, and even the ever dependable salbabida (rubber tire). They have been on a canoe and a jet ski as well.

    But what would beat being seen floating in the sea on a Havaianas Flip-Float? This would definitely cause a great stir with the provincial folks who only have access to the ordinary floats you get from malls. Talk of a conversation piece on the beach!

    Plus, being a Mom who’s on the lookout for safety, this is great! Let the kids put their head near the point that goes around big toe, let their arms hang down the side straps of the flip-float and guess what! They’re safe on it even if they fall asleep! :-)

  11. Trina says:

    I want the flip-float to be one of the ways I can have the perfect bonding moment with my 2-year-old daughter. It’s also to make up for lost time. I would like to use it with her when we go beach-hopping this summer, since she likes the water more than I do. I also want to have a nice mom-and-kid picture on a flip-float as proof that we did have a nice time together.

  12. Min says:

    We are on the process of setting up our room into a mini playschool area for my 16 month old daughter. Our plan is to home school our child and to pattern it along with other progressive schools in the country. We are in need of educational and other resource materials to help in my baby’s development. Currently, what we have are reading materials, wall charts, flashcards, wooden toys and etc. I am eyeing for the large inflatables and bounce materials to be added in our list because I know that bouncy movements are appropriate stimulation for children below 2 years old. But due to their high prices and the fact they will not fit into the room, I decided to let it go. Thanks to Havaianas! My hopes are high nowadays because I have a chance to own a colorful inflatable that will be a perfect bounce and play material for my daughter. The Havaianas inflatable slipper raft will definitely fit in the mini playschool area that we are working on. This will really help stimulate her senses every time she will have her bouncy- with-music -sessions at home. We no longer need to travel and go to places with inflatables and bouncy materials. Outdoors and indoors we can have our bouncy bonding moments and play for as long as we want at the comfort of our own home. Now that’s really cool, hassle free and inexpensive!!!

  13. toolbox says:

    free flip-float??wow, what a nice treat!!what makes it cool though is that its Havaianas…its no ordinary floats we see in malls.. its the coolest flip float ever..since i live in Island Samal, owning one will be an envy to many. I ‘m sure i will be the first to have it in the island. i’d flaunt it then in the beach and frolic from morning ’til night.weeee!!!!

  14. Suzy says:

    My kids and I love to make stories and video it as well. And watch it together with the family.

    Havaianas flip-float can be used as props for our family production at home. You ca use it as an airplane, as a boat, as roof of the house, as a bed, picnic table etc…

    Havaianas Flip-float is great for family bonding in the beach or simply at home :D

  15. Rowena Wendy Lei says:

    I would use it to help my kids conquer their fear of the water and teach them to swim. It’s large enough so I can easily hoist either or both of them on the flipfloat if they get tired paddling and it can support them as they try to float on their own. With this they can float their fears away and learn a new skill over the rest of the summer. :)

  16. Valerie says:

    This ultra hip and dazzling Havaianas Flip-float can be used as marker to safety our things left on the shore when all are enjoying a swim in the beach. (No one wants to be left alone guarding them!) Just let the flip-float stand in a dig out sand. Make sure that it is very stable. Then, we can now leave our slippers and hang our sarongs on it. The standing flip-float would be visible enough from the water because of its huge size and vibrant color. Even from a distance, we have a control over our things and easily spot them after swimming. ;-)

  17. marie franz garcia says:

    AMAZING!!!WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!!! HAVAIANAS FLIPFLOAT IS THE BEST THING I’LL EVER HAD THIS SUMMER!!! I would love to float in the beach with fipfloat,,, with such a unique structure,surely, no one will be afraid to go to the beach though you don’t know how to swim. The design with which you can hold on to the flip,wooooow!!!!! You can’t be afraid,,, Me and my family would love to eat together in the beach with Flipfloat,it’s so comfortable!!! Havaianas really is great with that very awesome flipfloat,hale to HAVAIANAS!!!

  18. jedi says:

    Since we are surrounded with pristine beaches here in Island Garden City of Samal, me and my hubby will use the Havaianas flip float as a boat 2 tour around the island… We will have our second honeymoon while leisurely floating on the waters and unmindful of all the waves hitting us.. whew!.a sweet escape from the tensions of work..

  19. Maureen says:

    I could definitely use it in our province, Palawan, as an improvised raft or maybe connect it to a jet ski for some water fun and adventure! :) Meanwhile, while we’re here in Manila, my 2-year-old daughter could use it as her personal inflatable toy for her own enjoyment :)

  20. dharlz says:

    My 3 year old daughter Lili and my 4 year old baby brother could share(if only one will be given) in the fun by having them both take off on it on the beach or in the pool. They both love water so much and their inflatable has already grown on them… that would really perfect to spark their imagination of riding on a giant’s lost pair of the slipper…lol… But of course, if each of them will be given, then I guess they can think of it as the giant’s pair of slippers…

    Thanks in advance… God bless you…

  21. fraulien says:

    hmmmm i guess my original seems not so original after all. I was actually planning to use it as a bed. You see my brother’s room is airconditioned andin order to save electricity and our dear mother earth, Ive been pulling and tugging and carrying my mattress all the way to his room. It’s not exactly a long walk but my mattress is a bit heavy by the time I get to his room, im pretty exhausted. Having that flip float with will makes things easier since it’s lighter and yes much better to look at compared with my mattress. and in order for me not to roll under the bed and get face to face with God knows what, ill put my arms a la back pack style on the “strings”. and from there i can fly to la la land :)

    plus we’ll be going to mickey mouse land soon and just in case my mom accidentally pushes me out of the hotel bed then i’ll have a soft landing:) in style:)
    and still have the energy to walk a hundred miles with my havs flip flops
    [email protected]

  22. Yna Rafinan says:

    With a Havaianas Flip-Float, I can sunbathe endlessly in comfort and style while I am at the beach in Boracay this coming June. This will surely catch everyone’s attention as I can promote the line of footwear at the same time!

  23. jin says:

    i would wear it because i have a big feet. lol. just kidding. Anyway, I will give it to my mom because she is a great fan of Salbabida. She always looks forward unto summer so that she could float with her new salbabida. But seldom she finds a big salbabida that is big enough for her. she really usually asks department stores for it but she couldn’t find that’ll suit her until I found Havaianas Flipfloat. And because Mother’s Day is nearing, it might as well the best material gift I could give her.

  24. Noria P. Adam-Lim says:

    With my new flip float I can:

    H-have an adventure in a deserted island
    A-adore my hubby lying next to me in my raft
    V-vacate my house; coz I’m going to the beach baby!
    A-amaze myself with the beautiful sunrise
    I-interest people with my gigantic slipper
    A-amuse myself with the lovely sunset
    N-nap all I want, whenever, wherever I want
    A-avoid the scorching heat of the sun
    S-spank cute booties I see (hihihi)

  25. Armand Diaz says:

    what a great way to bring Havaianas Flipfloat inside your office whenever a slave driver boss orders you to work on a Sunday to finish a report. You can wear Hawaiian shirt, gucci shades, and drink vodka as you slam your fingers on your keyboard while enjoying the comfort of the flipfloat. Nobody would care, except for the janitor and guards who are dying with envy to join you.

  26. czaroma says:

    This summer, I’ll definitely be using the Havaianas flipfloats lounging in the pool with my family. When summer ends, it’s time to flaunt and share the flipfloats around. I’ll bring it to the office every weekday and let the Havs decorate my workstation, get rid of our stresses and keep us all inspired. On weekends, it’s time to take the Havs home and let it be part of our family-bonding moments where we can lie on it while watching a movie or reading a book. This would be the perfect piece I can use all year-round!

  27. Lloyd B. says:

    hmm… it would be definitely quite useful if i:

    got stuck in a absolutely rainy and flooded day in ust.

    sleepovers? campout? naglayas?… instant air bed!

    that sure is a new way of “hitting” with girls in the beach – physically and socially. hehe

    that should really scare the hell out of my (future) kid when he screws up and use it as a pamalo.

    pillow fight!!

    siguro naman, i will never lose in tumbang preso if i use that.

    no more squeaky bed!!

    hmm…Havaianas Flip-float.. it would be definitely quite useful if i:

    got stuck in a absolutely rainy and flooded day in UST.

    sleepovers? campout? naglayas?… instant air bed!… Read More

    that sure is a new way of “hitting” with girls in the beach – physically and socially. hehe

    that should really scare the hell out of my (future) kid when he screws up and use it as a pamalo.

    you know what they say… the bigger the feet, the bigger… the Havaianas!

    pillow fight!!

    siguro naman, i will never lose in tumbang preso if i use that.

    definitely, a “pool” breaker!

    no more squeaky bed!!

  28. Monette says:

    Since, I’m stuck here in Manila this summer. I will place it in my room and I’ll play with my little baby since she loves hopping and she’s starting to sit already. It’s a safe place for her. While she’s asleep, maybe daddy & mommy can play as if we’re on the beach too. :).. See, I can use it not just this summer but all year long.

  29. Leah Mamuyac says:

    The Havaianas Flipfloat will be useful baby aide in our house. My 2-month old Charles can use it as a Baby Play Gym. My baby’s play area should also be cute like him :-)

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