New Multimedia, Fortune Favors the Bald Launches

fortune The local literati scene shows off a particularly eclectic voice this year as Fortune Favors the Bald (FFtB), an alternative author’s company, with RJ Ledesma at the helm gives writers a chance to showcase their craft.

As a group that hopes to express the diversity of this country’s new breed of creative minds, FFtB is envisioned to grow into a full, multimedia organization, which will focus on print publication for this year.

“Our vision is to define FFtB as a new multimedia company that will bring in a lot of fresh new talent,” explains RJ Ledesma. “We hope to develop their career and craft using our fresh media savvy in the hopes of increasing the reading public’s enjoyment of the written word.”

Being an organization that understands the value of creativity and imagination, the company is set to become the catalyst for non-traditional creatives and even pop culture icons to introduce their work to the public; and for 2008, expect FFtB to be on the lookout for emerging literary and visual talents ranging from bloggers to illustrators and scriptwriters to comic book artists that will define the company.

“We want to explode the genre by giving writers the venue to reach a larger audience by exploring various media,” he adds . “It’s about getting heard where you should.”

FFtB is especially proud to announce that a particularly stellar ensemble of creative ingénues including renowned writer and fashionista Celine Lopez; comedian and TV host Tim Tayag; as well as fashion icon and eventologist Tim Yap are among the next big things for FFtB.

“There are no writers who are rock stars, and that’s what Fortune Favors the Bald hopes to do for local writers and artists,” Ledesma ends.

For inquiries about Fortune Favors the Bald, please contact 0916-3743234.

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