Official BlueWater Day Spa Statement in defense to Marian Rivera

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The controversy is about the fact that Karylle replaced Marian as Blue Water Day Spa endorser This official statement is in response to statement that was made by Popoy Caritativo (Marian’s manager) to the press (4/4/09) in the past few weeks.

“Every year, we change our endorsers for BlueWater Day Spa and it remains the company’s perogative who we choose to represent as our endorser. As of the issue of who dropped whom, there were NO negotiations for renewal with Ms. Rivera or her representatives that ever took place.”

Photo Credit of Karylle

Disclosure: The owner of Bluewater Day Spa is a friend/blogger who gave me the first dibs on the controversy of the Marian Rivera/Karylle as endorser of the spa. I was never paid in cash /service/ex-deals to release this statement. I am doing this as a favor to a friend


  1. name says:

    It doesn’t really matter though if Marian was replaced. Maybe she was rude or maybe she wasn’t an effective muse or as your friend said. The issue is that they decided to replace her with Karylle. No matter what the intentions were, it now appears that the spa is using both of them for publicity. People can’t help it. That’s how they’ll look at it. Good business move? Maybe. Classy? Hmm, not so much. Malicious? Unfortunately, that’s a big yes on that one.

  2. angela_maldita says:

    As far as i’m concerned i go to bluewater day spa just becoz i patronizes all marian’s endorsement since she was replaced by karylle sorry but i won’t come to bluewater anymore. Thye want to be controversial by taking karylle but for me it was a wrong move…. Maraming fans si marian na mga spa adik like me so sorry na lang we have to go to another spa puwede na siguro ssa bay spa sa moa….. Sorry bluewater kukuha kaya ng new endorser dapat mas maganda kay marian para effectve you downgrade ur biz….. sorry…

  3. nicole says:

    mga fans ni marian galit lang kay K kc they’re trying to defend her sa obvious na pang-aahas ni marian kay dd.. kaya kahit d nman sila pinpakialaman ni K eh ayun super mga bitter..

  4. jingjing says:

    ang totoo nyan dahil sa attitude ni marian. nabasa ko kc sa column ng philstar
    ………during the shoot for the spa’s ad, the actress showed up five hours late, making everybody (her co-endorser included) wait. Worse, she didn’t even apologize. During the presscon, she left word with the organizers that she shouldn’t be asked questions in English and, again, when she left she didn’t even tell the organizers — you know, wala ni ha, ni ho. It was her well-behaved co-endorser who had to apologize to the organizers for the actress’ bad behavior. Result? She was replaced as endorser by another actress whose actor-boyfriend was reportedly “stolen” by actress (#1).

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