Collezione C2’s My Pilipinas Series by Rhett Eala

The “My Pilipinas The Series: Art Meets Fashion, by Rhett Eala” Exhibit will end until June 14 so you still have a chance to view the artwork and clothes design. The exhibit is at CAV RESTAURANT at the Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Enter through the Spa entrance.

When I told my daughter Marielle that I was attending a Collezione event, she was like “Isn’t Collezione a low-end brand?” No, dear. In fact we wore Collezione in College. We loved the brand. So when I went to the Launch of My Pilipinas The Series: Art Meets Fashion, by Rhett Eala at CAV Restaurant in Bonifacio High Street, I never imagined that something like our Philippine map would look so attractive on a shirt. In fact, I never felt so proud to be a Filipino. I marvel at the creativity of the artist, Rhett Eala.

Let me share to you the genius behind the My Pilipinas Series concept. I salute the artist behind this novel idea especially since today is Independence Day. What a meaningful way to honor our country!

Rhett Eala, a renowned fashion designer with hit runway shows here and abroad, turned the Philippine map into an iconic fashion symbol through Collezione C2’s My Pilipinas the Series. This new line of clothing is part of Collezione C2’s effort to promote Filipino talent, artistry, and most of all – nationalism. I like that the brand decided to take this route. Fashion is one of the most viral forms of non-verbal communication and will definitely reach a wider audience than the written word. According to Joey Qua, President of Collezione C2, they intend to go past the notion that nationalism is an outdated concept or that heroes can only be patriotic. Art and fashion, he says, are a means by which the Nationalist story can be made more real and accessible to this generation. Not to mention that the designs from My Pilipinas are very colorful and hip, conforming to the popular “indie” trend that’s all the rage among teens and young adults.

A collection of 18 Rorschach Inkblot paintings curated by multi-media artist Impy Pilapil, My Pilipinas the Series seeks to prove that even the ambiguous and vague can be a storied expression of the grace, resilience and vivacity of the Filipino.

“At first glance, a Rorschach inkblot seemingly presents meaningless patterns of black ink; but after a much closer look, a story eventually emerges,” shares Rhett. “In my paintings, I took on the Rorschach imagery of the Philippine map, believing that being Filipino can be defined in a thousand different ways through a thousand different stories.”

A Filipino’s Story

Besides the Philipipne map, another prominent image in Rhett’s work with Collezione is the human skull as shown in the “Don’t Panic” painting. Skulls are usually associated with death or misery, but Rhett sees it from a more democratizing angle. According to him, he wanted to find a symbol that makes all of us equal, and the skull is something all of us share, regardless of class or gender.

By combining images of the skull with the Philippine map, Rhett revolves around the theme Filipino to the bone. “I guess what I’m just trying to say is that being Filipino is something we should all be proud of. It’s deeply ingrained in all of us and it’s a truth that we should all celebrate.”

An Artist’s Story
Aside from imparting a social commentary, My Pilipinas the Series is also reflection of Rhett Eala’s personal journey as an artist. In fact, He considers the three paintings “Eskimo,” “The Gift” and “1979” as self portraits.

“Through the years, I’ve evolved as an artist and as a person,” shares Rhett. “I’d like to think that the person I am now has become more focused and at peace.” Of course, the present Rhett Eala couldn’t have been formed without his greatest influencers, one of which is British artist Damien Hirst.

Rhett’s paintings entitled “One” and “Halcyon” are reminiscent of the Daniel Hirst masterpiece LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide). However, instead of having colorful pills, his variation features the Philippine map in gradiating colors. “While the colors are isolated from one another, they still manage to influence each other, interacting across the surrounding white space.”

A Designer’s Story

But Rhett Eala will always go back to what he has always been known and respected for — Fashion. And inspired by the My Pilipinas the Series is his RTW line for Collezione C2, My Pilipinas. The collection highlights the Philippine map silkscreened and embroidered in highly wearable pieces. And in keeping with Collezione’s casual tradition, various cotton materials such as pique, jersey and twill in the most refreshing and eye-catching shades comprise the My Pilipinas collection.

“Collezione C2 had one objective in mind and that’s to make Nationalism more hip. And they thought that fashion is one way by which they can make the concept and hopefully the practice of Nationalism more hip. With the reception that we’ve been getting with the My Pilipinas Collection, they could have just succeeded.”

“As Collezione C2’s Creative Director, it’s gratifying to see that the brand’s willing to innovate in spite of being part of Filipino fashion consciousness for the past 36 years. And what’s most striking about them is that they’re moving towards becoming a universal brand for Filipinos—one that’s proudly Philippine-made and proudly worn by Filipinos.”

You can still view the My Pilipinas the Series exhibit at the CAV Restaurant, Bonifacio High Street until June 14.

Collezione C2 is available in the following branches: C2 Galleria (633.5069), C2 Trinoma (915.1701), C2 Market! Market! (758.2147) and C2 Ermita (523.7028). For questions or inquiries, please call 671.2770, or email [email protected]


  1. ella of dubai says:

    wow! i really love ur shirt…
    fashion meets nationalism,
    continue to make a lot of
    design thats proudly phil.
    hope tahat i can visit ur
    branches when i go back to
    goodluck and more power!

  2. Vilma Abrera says:

    Good day. meron po ba kayo sizes na pang bata?
    mga toddler sizes and pang grade school kids?
    meron din ba nito sa mga department stores like SM,
    Robinsons or Sta. Lucia East? thanks in advance.

  3. angie says:

    I really fell in love with your My Pilipinas series
    shirts the first time I saw them in malls here at
    CDO City. I got myself and my hubby three (3) each
    of different designs and colors. Kudos to Rhett Ella!

  4. herma carpina says:

    Hi, Rhett I am from Granada Hills California,
    just watched you at Umagang Kay Ganda this morning is
    it possible to purchase/order the polo shirts on line €€
    Is there a website were we can order the shirts?
    The colors are fabulous…. Please I am so eager to
    order the shirts. Thanks to you Philippines is alive.

  5. Abbey says:

    Hi! I’m from Zamboanga city, there’s this big fair
    coming this December, and i found out from friends
    and acquintances that marami naghahanap ng collezione
    Philippine map na apparels, nagpapahanap pa sila sa
    Manila kasi wala nga dito.
    I want to sell collezione apparels on that day. Can
    you provide me with the stocks?
    Paano ba makakuha ng stocks sa inyo? Or do you
    have any other suggestions?

  6. jaime s. manansala says:

    hello to the management:

    im a fashion designer..i study from golden art fashion school and i graduated from t.u.p as teacher (bachelo of technical teacher education )..i would like to apply in your good company in any available position that could be fit to my education background…if necessary to sent some of my designer i will do it together all my document and diploma…pls i need immediate response. thank you so much…..jaime

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