Barbie Dolls & Toys Available for the Holidays

Who does not know of that pretty doll in pink named Barbie? Barbie was born two years after me. Who does not know Barbie? I grew up with a few Barbie dolls. Even my children did and loved Barbie until they outgrew them in their adult years.

Who has not seen her popularity rise among young girls then and now? She has brought fun in being a girl through the decades and still lives on to lighten up the youth of this generation. But there is more to Barbie than a mere doll. She is more than being a toy during play times. BARBIE IS A LIFESTYLE.

Need not to lock her in storage bins in your room after play hours, she is the girl friend you’d want to hang with in your daily adventures. Let Barbie accompany you anytime, every time. Dress her up as you and your playmates have the coolest Barbie afternoon party with your friends. Be a little interior designer as you decorate your own Barbie furniture sets with the latest arts and crafts materials. Enjoy practicing chores in Barbie’s My House and other furniture collection. Create your own Barbie doll look with her endless doll fashions available and seek out that fashion-find adventure of re-creating that same look for you. Better yet, why not be a fashion designer and create your own unique design for the world’s #1 fashion doll? The possibilities of Barbie fun are truly endless.

Barbie brings joy to girls across ages. Young girls can take their crowns and princess dresses as they delight in Barbie Fantasy. Barbie’s world of imagination opens up through Barbie’s Princess collections, Barbie as Mariposa and of course, with the Barbie and the Diamond Castle collection. Girls get inspired to dream big though young as they are. Have them believe that magic lingers in this life and that they can be anything they want to be.

Tweeners relate themselves with Barbie Reality. As young girls slowly move to become young ladies, Barbie can go along their journey in fashion and friendship. These girls can find and match their individuality with Barbie’s Life and Fashion. No worries of fitting in, with Barbie’s Fashion Fever line, they’re never out of style.

Who says that young girls are the only ones to have all the fun? Barbie lovers who have increased well in age can still enjoy the youthful doll. Through the years, enthusiasts have increased and have built their own Barbie collection. For this prestigious group, Barbie presents its Collector dolls under the Pink, Gold and Platinum Label. For this holiday, we are presenting the limited edition Wedding of the World: Sumatra and Spain, Barbie Tarina Tarantino and Barbie Vera Wang Bride.

Barbie is your every girl, from the urban chick to a dazzling princess, from a superb dancer to a lovely singer. Barbie is just everywhere, from urban chic homes to large mansions, from beach sands to fantasylands.

Here are more photos of Barbie Doll and Toy Collections

More than play time, Barbie takes family and friends to learning values and forging good bonds. Moms can teach their girls to be tidy, to be happy and to treasure what they have with Barbie. Friends learn about sharing, respect and valuing one another. This is part of Barbie’s wish to continually make girls’ childhood fun, fashionable and fabulous.

Check out I Can be Doll *Barbie doll. It has so many careers! Barbie doll can be a Pet Doctor, a Soccer Star, Baby Doctor or event a Swim Instructor! This fun fashion doll wears trendy clothes with hip accessories and includes lots of play pieces for any assignment. The tools girls need to play out these “real-life career are included.

Barbie toys are available in leading department stores and retail outlets together with Barbie themed accessories, bags, shoes and apparels. For more information, visit the virtual land of Richwell Trading Corporation in or call (632) 732.5141 to 47.

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