Post-it Brand Flags: A Must-Have Study Tool

When I was in college and graduate school, I could not study without my Post-it Flags. These are clear adhesive strips with colored tips that you stick onto your notebook or textbook as a placeholder or to highlight an important paragraph without damaging the book. I accidentally discovered them in National Bookstore, when I bought them because of their pretty colors. Once I discovered what they could do, they quickly became an indispensable tool, especially when consulting several thick books for writing papers. These flags helped me locate important passages in mere seconds, saving me time spent flipping through the pages, trying to find my way back.

This school year, Post-It provides a few tips on helping you get to the top of your class. The key is really just being able to organize your schedule and your notes effectively. Once you’ve got this down, studying and getting your projects done will be a breeze.

Calendar your Classes. The moment you get your schedule, map it out on a calendar to serve as your guide. Not only will this keep you organized, it also eliminates embarrassing moments like being late for class or even forgetting you had one! A calendar will be helpful as you memorize new class and org meeting schedules as well as extra-curricular activities. You can even make your own personalized calendar and express yourself as a daily reminder to be creative and fun despite the pressures of school.

Color Code Your Notes. Wrap different notebooks in different, eye-catching colors so you can find and reach for the right notebook during the right class. If you’re using a binder, make color-coded tabs for each subject and flip through each section easily. Use Post-it® Flags which come in different colors and are great for color-coding documents.

Keep an Organizer or Planner. A busy bee that you are you can’t be expected to keep track of all your deadlines mentally and you can’t always take your big calendar with you. Keep an organizer or planner on hand to jot down your meetings and assignments. You can buy one readymade or express yourself and make one of your own. Using Post-it® Arrow Flags can also help pinpoint important schedules and gives you extra space to write down changes in location or time.

Study in a Nook of Your Own. A classroom has so many distractions but if you have a study nook in your home or dorm, you can concentrate on reading the lessons for the next day and on completing your homework. Keep it colorful and fun by expressing yourself and decorating your study space. Whether you remember things better through words or through doodles, Post-it® Notes Original Cubes and Original Notes can help information stick to your mind.

Post-It products can be found at any bookstore or office supply store near you.

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