Help for Ondoy Victims: You Too Can Do Your Part


In the span of just a day, Typhoon Ondoy displaced 300,000 families all over Metro Manila and killed around 90 people. The storm may have passed, but the worst is not yet over for those who managed to survive. The displaced families desperately need food, clothes, medicine, and blankets until they can reclaim their homes – and our government is doing nothing about it.

We don’t have to rely on our useless government to get things done. You too can help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy by donating the said items to a drop-off point near you. For those who are abroad and willing to help, you can make online donations through the following accounts. Together, we can help our fellow Filipinos overcome the tragedy and destruction caused by this devastating typhoon.

For more information on Typhoon Ondoy and how you can help, visit OndoyManila.

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