Gorillapods on Multiply

Ever since I started my ukay-ukay blog, I realized how incredibly difficult it is to take full-body pictures of myself at all the right angles. In order to take a decent photo of myself, I have to make a tower out of my biggest, thickest books then place my camera on the top and start the timer. This is a tedious, often messy process that takes up too much time and preparation.

A friend observed that my camwhoring needs seem to require the assistance of a Gorillapod, a small portable tripod with flexible ball-and-joint sockets for legs. This allows you to bend and twist the tripod into different shapes so you can mount them onto any surface – lampposts, chairs, your sideview mirror. The colored, rubberized rings keep the Gorillapod from sliding off the surface and provides extra gripping power. And it also has a lock ring to make sure your camera remains safely attached to the Gorillapod.

Unfortunately, my friend said that Gorillapods aren’t being sold in the Philippines, and I wasn’t really up to ordering one from the Joby website and waiting weeks and weeks for it to arrive in the mail. But a quick Google search pointed me to Digital Printing, a Philippine-based online store for cameras, accessories, and other photographic equipment. They deliver nationwide and yes, they carry Gorillapods for Php 1,350.00! I’m so ordering one today.


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