Contest: Win a Jansport, Hedgren or Timbuktu bag from Bratpack

Updated– November 16, 2008

Leirs Pagaspas won the Bratpack contest.

Want to own one of these Bratpack bags? It’s easy. Just join our online contest.

The Bratpack Bag Diaries


A Backpack that is well loved by many, which evolved into a modern hippie bag. JanSport is largely associated with contemporary art and supports one’s artistic individuality.


A bag intended for the young female urban achiever. Hedgren bags manifests that real style never shouts.


One of the premium laptop/messenger bags out in the market today. It is made of sturdy materials which make it a perfect companion for traveling outdoors and in wear and tear situations.


Why not share your unique experiences in using a bag?

Your stories may be about the places that you’ve been to with these bags and how useful it was during your trips.

It could also be on how your bags served as a canvass and how it has been an expression for artistic freedom.

Aside from being a travel necessity and an outlet for artistic freedom, it is also a fashion accessory. You can also share on how your bags made you comfortable with your chosen styles.

The most unique and interesting answers will be given a Bratpack bag (choose one, either a Jansport, Timbuktu and Hedgren).

So start sharing your stories and win another bag.

Edit- November 1, 2008– if you joined other blogs with the same contest, you are automatically disqualified from winning. I want to avoid double winners.

Deadline for Submission of Entries is until November 14, 2008.

Winners may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang (c/o Arbee Panga) Unit 7C, 114 Tuscan Bldg., V. A Rufino St., Legaspi Village , Makati City Tel: 812.8828/ 812.9199, 0917.605.8122


  1. monesev says:

    Did anybody steal your wallet or any valuable things from your bag? When you’re traveling or passing along unknown street or city, how do you keep your attention in your bag or belonging?

    I remember, it was in my college years. I travel 1 to 2 hours back and forth to my house & school back then. In my way, I have witnessed and almost been victimized by bag thief. As I can recall, it happened more than twice to me. Luckily, I was using a soft backpack then. When this robber/pickpocket/thief (whatever you call them) tried to open my bag, I instantly felt and caught them in action. I have saved the valuable items in my pack!

    That’s why, even now that I’m already working in business/corporate world, I don’t use shinny, chic nor too attractive bag. I still travel more than an hour every day to get to my office and to get back home. Better be safe and free! I always grab and go with my most comfy secured black bag.

  2. Hannah says:

    I am a traveler.

    Last April of 2007, I came to relax in the beautiful white sand beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. For a while until an incident happened, I stayed at a hostel. Just when I got back from hitting the beaches up north the island, a backpacker who also was my roommate had her laptop and cash stolen. Apparently, the thief ripped off her bag using some blade or some sort. When I checked my bag, it did has scratches on it. Whew, now that was close!

    I believed then and there that it’s good to invest in quality bags, one that is heavy duty, comfortable and technically made with rip resistant fabric. Indeed, satisfaction guaranteed!

  3. jenny uy says:

    I admit I’m a loyal bagger. I mean, if I like a bag, I tend to use them over and over for many years to come. My bag will look tired and worn out before I’ll decide to find another one. Its not really about the cost, its just…before I decide to buy a bag I get picky. It gets checked for functionality, workmanship and design. Its not a casual thing for me, its like a RELATIONSHIP. hehe!
    My fiance once brought me a bag to replace my worn out black laptop bag, it took 2 months of prodding and pleasing before I replaced my old one. Even then I kept it in my drawer in case I decide to use it again.
    I only replace it because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Really…

  4. joanna lei says:

    I love fashion, and bags are the ultimate finisher to the look I want. If I want it minimalist look, it would have to be a simple hand bag. Elegant would mean a shiny shoulder bag with pipings. My look will never be complete without a bag, as an added bonus, my bags serve as a storage area for my retouch ups (lipstick, powder, comb and dental floss).

    Even if a bag will cost me an arm and a leg, if it will complete the look I want, I will not hesitate to buy it. Thats how I value my bag. In fact, I keep it in a separate closet, every bag with its own bag pouch.

  5. jheux_neil says:

    There are two experiences in my life that have been significant when talking about using Jansport bag. The first one was back when I was 12 when my parents had a really big fight. The tension was so intense that my mother and I had to pack our things and move out of the house for a while with my little brother. I remember using my classic red-maroon Jansport bag on our way to my lola’s house in Laguna. During the trip I was crying on one side of that bag while holding it. That’s why I was so surprised with this contest because that moment that I mentioned is something that I can’t forget.
    The other story was when the first time that I was permitted to sleep overnight with my friends. That was when I was already a 4th year college student. Just imagine all those overnights that I missed before that day. I was really excited. It was an overnight swimming in Pansol with my college barkada. And of course, the bag that I was using was a black Jansport bag.
    I super love my Jansport backpacks!

  6. leirs says:

    Having a body bag is indeed a BIG LIFESAVER for me. In 2006 I went to the States with Joshwa my eldest who has special needs and since I needed to be hands free all the time for me to be able to hold all the time. I used a body bag it made a whole of difference because I never have to worry about leaving my bag behind. Never have to worry that my stuff will fall out of my bag. It made travel a whole lot easy

  7. noi says:

    I experienced the convenience of having a backpack when my daughter had an accident. From a local hospital, we went to manila by plane the day after for operation. I had with me the necessary clothing for each of us and other emergency needs such as medicines and water which literally just fitted to only one backpack which made me ready with all her needs, my hands and especially my hugs to comfort her when she needs it without worrying about our stuff.

  8. katrina nano says:

    My mom gave me this Jansport backpack way way back. It’s huge and white. I didn’t like it cause it looks so big and just for boys.And back then,I didn;t know Jansport is like a little expensive.And so Im left with no choice but to wear it to school. So my classmates were like teasing me,”why do you carry those big backpack”.And I was very ashamed on it.But there came a time they’ve been in on school, so i was like”Ha! Im the first one who got them” ..Like a proud momma. :)) I useit everytime me and my family go out of town.It has alot of use not just for school,but for everywhere. It’s really cute and useful in so many ways.
    And since Jansport backpacks with cute patterns on it are so in trend right now for students.I am planning to buy one.So i google-d where i can find them. And here you are being an angel giving away a free backpack.:)
    Thanks for this contest

  9. Kent says:

    I recently purchased a messenger bag (Classic Messenger Ballistic Fabric S) from BratPack and instantly fell in love with it. I used to have an Oakley AP Pack but felt it was too large for me to lug around everyday.

    I usually bring a spare shirt, a face towel, a windbreaker, a folding umbrella, a book (which I read to while my time), a water bottle, my lunch box, a maglight… whoa! wait a minute! it’s a lot to put into the messenger bag! but yeah! all of them fit into it and even managed to tuck inside a couple of folders from work!

    Just recently I was in an event for our company and used my bag for my things and didn’t even felt tired of carrying it. The cross strap made it even more secure. Too bad I was not able to get a me a snapshot of it. Anyway, there’ll be more events coming and I promise to have me a pic or 2 with my beloved bag.

    I’d just like to comment that when I saw the “Quality Shit” tag in the Timbuk2 Blog, I couldn’t find the tag in mine… and found out that it is only for SF-made bags. My bag was made in Vietnam and all I found was the “Made with Pride Worldwide” But then again, no doubt about it! I am proud to be having one of the best bags worldwide!

    A heartful thanks to the guys (Timbuk2 & BratPack) who made my everyday bag-lugging a breeze!

  10. cherry d. roasa says:

    i had always been an avid fan of Jansport backpacks. however, due to the nature of my work (requires an office-look bag) i was not able to enjoy using one.
    but then again, i still have my daughters use jansport for their school bags. they are very sturdy and i don’t regret buying them the bag.
    my youngest (7-yr old) daughter always borrows the jansport bags of her ate esp if she’s going somewhere requiring a good lug-along bag.
    she esp. likes the pink jansport bag of her ate, which makes me think of buying one for herself too. :)

  11. Tiffy says:

    Bags are already useful to begin with, and that’s why they were invented. In the end, it’s not really about the usefulness that captivates you into using them–it’s the convenience of having something to put your things into when you don’t want to carry them around with your arms.

    I’ve been everywhere with my bag — hotels, school, roads that I frequent, and those that I rarely pass by. Someone else may have the same bag as I do, but mine’s individuality shines through with the way I design it.

    I love Hello Kitty. And my bag is full of Hello Kitty pins. And traveling has always been such an indulgence–my key chains would attest to that.

  12. sherwin alfaro says:

    as highly spirited individual, i have never been inloved with bags, i see bag as ‘intindihin’ in the sense that you would often think wheter the zipper is locked, or the things inside are safe.

    but one time, a student introduced to me a certain bag which was made by nuns in manila. the bag is a striking, unconventional and hard to forget one. this bag is made of woven cotton cloth leftover threads or in short “basahan”, which we commonly see our doorsteps.

    This basahan bag with color combination of red and black is astonishingly different from high-end bags like eastpak bag which i own when i was still in highschool.

    its a basahan ala-‘mailbag’ style, which almost everyone who’ve see it would have a second look.

    i immediately bought that bag for a cheap cost of 150 pesos and sport it every time i would go wear my punk jeans and shirts.

    my friends even told me my bag was ‘makulit’ and i enjoy every inch of attention people give my bag and their curious eyes on it.

    until now, i keep my ‘basahan’ bag with me, its durable, safe ( because people would not bother think if it has something valuable inside ) and its expressive.

    except that this bag was made by nuns so i feel i have helped them with their charity / outreach projects and with high endeavors on it.


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