Trinoma Sneaker Nation Sale

Back when I was in college, there were two pairs of shoes I couldn’t live without: my Birkinstocks sandals, and my Chuck Taylor sneakers. Actually, I still wear them often to this very day because they’re ultra-comfortable and incredibly versatile. The sneakers, especially, are perfect for rainy days and moments where I don’t feel like being careful about keeping my shoes clean. Chuck Taylors just look better with a light layer of dirt on them.

trinoma sneaker nation sale

No matter what kind of sneakers you wear, I’m sure all of you will appreciate the Trinoma Sneaker Nation Sale happening this weekend, September 25-27, 2009 at the Trinoma Mall. The following participating stores will be offering exciting discounts on sneakers in this unique sale:

Level 1 — Bench, New York, Hush Puppies, Mendrez, Rusty Lopez, Toby’s, Wade

Level 2 — Adidas, Adidas Original, Aktiv, Aloha Boardsports, Anta, Artwork, Badminton Hub, Charles & Keith, DC, Ecko Unltd., Flojos, Florsheim, Human, Khumbu Adventure, Lacoste Footwear , Merrell, Nike Park, Nike Women, Pedro, Planet Sports, Puma, Res|Toe|Run, Rockport, Rogue, Sebago, Shoe Salon, Skechers, Sledgers, Sportshouse, Vans, Von Dutch, Zoo York

Level 3 — 158 Designers Blvd, Bass, Bleach Catastrophe, Kenneth Cole

Level 4 — Olympic World

Better run to Trinoma before they run out of shoes in your size!

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