Style Lab: Back to the Basics

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The most fashionable people don’t necessarily have the most clothes. They spend on basics and show their style by making simple pieces look new every time they are brought out of the closet. Express yourself at Style Lab, a new store at Eastwood Mall that provides the basics and ideas on how to wear them in new ways. Revolving around the idea that basics don’t have to be boring, Style Lab presents a fun mix of classic pieces with new and exciting trends.

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Style Lab carries established brands like C&C California, LAmade, and Antik Denim as well as underground labels that imbibe the casual yet trendy West Coast vibe. Other stylish shout outs include Alternative Apparel, a brand that is worn by Best-Dressed List staples Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Heidi Klum, which makes comfortably soft shirts that has a vintage feel; Anama, a preferred clothing brand by Rock n’ Roll stars in the US; and Blank Jeans from New York, which hugs the sexy posterior of Megan Fox and Kate Hudson.

But having stellar celebrities covering their bodies in these labels doesn’t mean you’ll need their kind of style budget to dress like them. The items are offered at a reasonable amount, which makes shopping affordable and fun.

In the world of fashion, everyone’s a scientist. And at Style Lab, you can totally experiment and end up with a own classy, trendy, and awesome look that can make anyone, well, mad.

Style Lab is located on the 2nd floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis. Open daily from 11am to 10pm and until 12mn on weekends for the holiday season.

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