Shuellas Will Keep Your Shoes Dry

Don’t you just hate it when you start the day with shiny leather pumps or sleek espadrilles, only for the rain to unexpectedly come and create an obstacle course of puddles? Rainy weather is the biggest enemy of every shoe lover, and a clever company from Australia just came up with a solution to protect your shoes when Mother Nature goes through PMS (or menopause).

Shuellas are portable boots that work like your shoes’ personal umbrellas. Simply whip them out of your purse, slip on over you favorite footwear, and secure the whole thing with Velcro straps. Shuella’s soles are designed to provide traction on the most slippery sidewalks and roads. And you don’t have to worry about your stilettos stabbing through the PVC soles, as Shuellas are especially reinforced to withstand even the sharpest of heels. Shuellas are available in black and pink, and come with their own pouch and towel.

Unfortunately, Shuellas are not available in the Philippines yet but you can order them online at Latest Buy, starting from P218. Delivery to the Philippines costs P275. Definitely a pretty small price to pay to protect your priceless shoes from the rainy weather.

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  1. Candy says:

    how much would i totally pay if i have it delivered to my house at davao city? please email me. i am very much interested…

    my husband and i would like to venture buying a wholesale price. can you give me details on this?

    thanks and great product…

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