Rain Skimmers by Plueys

Plueys’ colorful rain boots are definitely a godsend during the rainy season, but you have to admit that it’s a little tricky to find clothes to pair with them. Sure, you can always carry shoes that goes with your outfit and change out of your Plueys when you get to your destination, but it also means lugging your Plueys around. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pair of outfit-neutral waterproof shoes that will protect your feet the way Plueys do?

rain skimmers

Enter Rain Skimmers, the new collection of waterproof ballet flats from Plueys. Made out of lightweight matte rubber and lined with cotton, these ballet flats are a treat for your feet when it rains. Because they’re ballet flats, it’s easy for you to carry your Rain Skimmers in your purse, keep them in your car, or store them in your locker for those unexpected rainy days. Available in four different colors: olive (Kelly), black and white dots (Audrey), navy (Nola), and multi-colord dots (Vicki) in American sizes (6-10). Each pair costs P 1,450 and comes with FREE heel protectors (if purchased online) that will give your feet extra comfort.

To grab a pair of Rain Skimmers, visit LUNA at 2nd floor Serendra, text 0917-8175843, or send an email to [email protected] Check out plueysmanila.multiply.com for more information.

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