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Since their arrival in the country sometime mid last year, Australian brand Melissa has been all the rage among shoe lovers and fashionistas in the Philippines. The secret to their popularity – not just in the Philippines, but all over the world – is that their shoes are made out of a special plastic that follow the contours of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit. To be perfectly honest, I found the first batch of Melissa shoes rather ugly. The most popular style, the Campana Zigzag (pictured above) looked to me like strips of plastic pretending to be footwear. The cheap, Chinese knockoffs of the Campana are everywhere too, which is probably why I didn’t understand how anyone could pay around Php 2,400 for the original ones.

Then I saw the newest styles for the Fall 2008 collection and to my surprise, they looked like actual shoes this time – and actual cute shoes that I would wear! The photo above is the Happy model, and costs Php 3250. I like how part of it is covered in what looks like velvet fabric to give it a more formal, classy look.

If I had PHp 4,999 to spare I would totally get myself a pair of Scarfun boots. The matte sheen of the material doesn’t look like it’s made out of plastic at all, but it is! That’s why I think a pair would be incredibly practical for the rainy season; not only is it totally my style, but I can step on puddles and even wade through floods without worrying about ruining the boots or the water seeping in.

Both styles are already available at Anthem in Shangri-La Mall and Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.

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