Levi’s Modern Vintage Jeans Collection

levi's modern vintage preview

The highlight of Levi’s spring 2010 collection are the new Modern Vintage jeans. It might sound strange for a pair of “vintage jeans” to be called “modern”, but this collection is about incorporating the best features of Levi’s jeans in flattering modern styles. They took the rivets from the 1870’s, the back pocket from the 1940’s, and the button from the 1870’s and reworked them into wearable jeans that fit perfectly. I should know, I have my own pair!


The Modern Vintage collection has four different styles for men – slim straight fit, slim, regular straight fit, and boot cut.


For women, there are the Slim Patty Anne fit, Slim Straight Elise, and Slim Boyfriend Fit. I can’t actually tell Slim Patty Anne from the Slim Straight Elise, and I’m not sure which pair I actually got. I think it might have been the Slim Patty Anne fit. In any case, I’m so in love with my pair of Modern Vintage jeans! They fit me perfectly (not too tight around the waist, but not too loose), the color and wash looks classy, and most importantly – they’re very comfortable. You know how you have to break in new jeans and wear it a few times get used to the fabric? You don’t have to do so with the Modern Vintage jeans! The fabric is pretty soft despite being a non-stretchy pair, and it follows your every movement without clinging to your legs. I love love love my new jeans.

levi's modern vintage jeans

Grab your own pair of Modern Vintage jeans at all Levi’s stores nationwide!

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