Korean Fashion on Multiply

I’ve been so busy these days that I barely have time to go out and see my friends, much less spend an entire afternoon going around the mall looking for interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe. I’ve been getting pretty bored with the clothes that I have, so when I was idly surfing around Multiply one evening it occurred to me then how convenient it would be to just buy my clothes online. This isn’t my first time to check out online boutiques on Multiply but for some reason, the thought of ordering from them never crossed my mind.

What I love about shopping at Multiply is that most of the clothes they offer come from Korea and can’t be found in the malls or tiangges; the chances of you going to a party and running into a girl wearing the same dress you have on are very slim. Besides that, I think Koreans have amazing fashion sense. They look like dainty little dolls in the catalogues and I love how they’re incredibly creative at mixing and matching pieces you’d never think would go together.

One of my favorite Multiply stores is High Style Fancies. They have such gorgeous dresses from Korea and Thailand, but what also impressed me about the site was their extensive collection of shoes. Not only are their flats and sandals absolutely adorable; they also offer tall boots and chic booties you’d never be able to find here. I’ve never tried ordering shoes online because I’d like to be able to try them on before I buy them, but I bought some of the dresses they have on sale and I’m eagerly waiting for them to arrive. You might want to check out their dresses and tops album; I think their stocks are running out real fast.


  1. Jing says:

    Hi! How was your purchase of korean top/dress? I’ve read some horror stories about these online purchases, making me hesitant to try. How was it? Any feedback? :D

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