Havaianas Gears up for Autumn with…Wellies?

When you think of “Havaianas”, you imagine the rainbow-colored, marshmallow-soft flip flops you wear all throughout the summer (and if you live in a tropical country, summer lasts all year round). But it turns out that people living in the UK associate Havaianas with an entirely different product! Havaianas offers colorful rain boots (also known as Wellington boots or “wellies”) for men and women, the perfect accessory for a country perpetually shrouded in rain. This year, their line of Wellies come in 8 adorable colors and prints, and do a great job of keeping your feet dry and warm. If you live in the UK, you can purchase a pair for yourself at the Havaianas UK store for £50 a pair.

Now the question is, when are we getting Havaianas’s wellington boots line in the Philippines? It rains like crazy over here too!

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