Donate Your Old Jeans & Get 25% Off On a New Pair

Ever since I discovered how much fun it was to wear dresses, shorts, and skirts, I pretty much let my trusty denim jeans retire. But there was once a time when I’d hanker for a new pair of jeans ever two or three months, and let the old pairs go to waste. So if you’re a major denim girl who needs to have a new pair every so often, now’s the chance for you to get one for less and do good in the process.

SM Malls and Department Stores are having a promo right now – donate any pair of jeans and enjoy 25% off on a brand new pair! What better way is there to update your wardrobe? All the donated jeans will go to DSWD through SM Foundation. So head to the nearest SM mall and enjoy the promo before it ends on October 9, 2011.

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