Cute Dresses from Multiply

Ever since I was a kid, my mom made it a tradition to buy my sister and I new dresses every year, which we would wear to Simbang Gabi and family lunch the next day. When we were young we’d get matching dresses but as we grew older and developed our own styles, she’d go shopping with us and let us pick out our own clothes. I’m 22 now and earning my own money, but my mom still kept the tradition of buying us Christmas dresses. I’ve already picked out what I wanted to wear from Christmas, but here are some cute dresses I found in Multiply that would look great for the holidays.

I’m not the biggest fan of maxi dresses but this is the first maxi dress I’ve seen that doesn’t look frumpy and housewife-y. This chocolate brown maxi-dress is a one-of-a-kind piece from Earth Child. When I first stumbled upon her Multiply site, I fell absolutely in love with the patchwork style of the dresses and the dressmaker’s pro-environment philosophy. Each dress you see in Earth Child is made by a woman named Devaki, a vegetarian and yoga practitioner who has been making her own clothes since she was seventeen. You can tell by the detail of each piece that a lot of thought, attention, and passion is put into creating every single dress. I have never seen so much of someone’s personality go into clothes – without looking too pretentious or trying-hard to be artsy-fartsy.

The chocolate brown dress costs Php 2,850 – a little more expensive than what I would normally pay for a dress. I understand why it costs so much though – it is made out of cotton linen and cotton silk, has lovely appliques, and an adjustable corset-style back. I absolutely love it! The next time I ever need a dress, I’m definitely buying one from Earth Child.

I’m not very big on trends, but I really like kimono dresses. Unless you’re incredibly busty, kimono dresses flatter all sorts of body types. And depending on what colors and patterns you choose, kimono dresses can be worn during a semi-formal gathering or a casual lunch at the mall. Chic Sassy has tons of kimono dresses for wholesale or retail sale. Retail price is Php 650 per dress.

This black and red dress reminds me of a similar dress I wore one Christmas when I was a kid. Any dress that has a red checkered pattern looks good for the holidays, and the black vest makes the look a little more formal. Php 520 at TwoZero20.

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