Converse Fall 2008 Collection

To mark Converse’s 100th year in the shoe and fashion industry and their support for the global fight against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in Africa, Converse just released a whole line of bold designs for their Fall 2008 collection. Featuring colorful Chuck Taylors in loud colors and prints, and other sneaker designs that add an interesting twist to any fashionista’s wardrobe, most of the Converse fall 2008 collection is inspired by legendary musicians and figures in pop culture like Kurt Cobain and The Grateful Dead.

But just because they’re inspired by rock legendaries, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any fun and feminine designs in the fall 2008 collection. The Grateful Dead line contains powerful images and colorful artwork associated with the group’s albums, which will definitely make any simple jeans-and-shirt combo look fashionably revolutionary.

The Converse Fall collection also includes designs from the Red campaign where a hundred artists from all over the world each used a pair of Chuck Taylors as a blank canvas. Each design from the Red shoe collection is infused with that particular designer’s unique style and and beliefs, expressed in his or her intricate artwork. Definitely a very strong lineup to look forward to!

The Converse Fall 2008 collection is now available at Converse outlets and leading department stores.

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