Converse Chuck Taylors Turn 100 Years Old

I got my very first pair of Chuck Taylors by Converse during my punk phase in high school (that was way before emo became en vogue). They were your basic black high-top sneakers and I had to get mine in the kids department at SM because the adult sizes were way too big for my size 6 feet. My black Chucks cost me a mere Php 500. I remember how my cousin from the States made fun of me for getting them, because nobody wears Chucks anymore.

Fast forward five or six years later. Chuck Taylors became more than just a wardrobe staple; now that they come in all sorts of crazy prints, patterns, and textures, Chucks are a fashion statement of their own. (They’re also four or five times more expensive than what they used to be back when I first got them.) I do love how the new Chuck Taylors look, but I prefer the basic styles to them. Chucks look their best when they’re scruffy, dirty, and used, and the new printed Chucks wouldn’t look as good covered in mud and city grime. I haven’t washed my first pair of Chucks ever since I first got them.

This year, Converse turns 100 years old and celebrates the moment by releasing a whole slew of new designs for the Converse Century Celebration collection. I love the Psychedelic line (pictured above) for being able to integrate edgy street fashion and glam rock sensibilities onto the sneakers. There are also new styles for the Graffiti line, for girls and guys who find beauty in vandalism and street art.

Check out the Converse website to view the rest of the Converse Century Celebration collection. All styles are available in Converse stores in malls and department stores.


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