Del Fabric Softener: Protect Your Kids From Skin Allergies

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Skin allergies are a more serious problem than you think, especially for young children. According to Philippine allergy experts, there has been an increasing number of allergy-related conditions over the years, and this number is expected to grow due to the Filipino public’s lack of awareness. What most of us don’t know is that skin allergies are actually a reaction of the immune system. Allergic reactions are the body’s responses to environmental substances that may be harmless to some people, but could trigger these reactions to those who are sensitive to this substance. Children and infants, in particular, are sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in perfumes and laundry detergents. As much as 20% of children and babies experience contact dermatitis from these chemicals, because parents unknowingly expose their children to allergenic substances.


Fortunately, skin allergies can be easily prevented by using hypoallergenic variants for common household products. How can you tell if a household item is hypoallergenic? The best way to tell is through the hypoallergenic seal, which certifies that the product does not contain harsh chemicals or other additives that can trigger skin allergies. The hypoallergenic seal is displayed prominently on all hypoallergenic products so that you can be sure that your household cleaning items are safe for your children’s delicate skin.


If your kids are sensitive to harsh soaps and detergents, consider making Del’s new Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener a staple item in your shopping list. This latest addition to Del’s line of fabric softeners is the first and only hypoallergenic fabric softener in the Philippines. It has a gentle scent to make your clothes sweet-smelling while containing no synthetic colorants, which are one of the main triggers for skin allergies. But the new Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener is more than just a product; it’s the start of a new Allergy Awareness Program that aims to educate moms on allergies and the best ways to control the condition.

Itchy the Grump Book

Del Fabric Softener propagates its allergy awareness message through a simply story that focuses on the discomfort children feel when they suffer from skin allergies. The book is called Itchy the Grump and illustrates the tale of a kid named Itchy who is always unpleasant and cranky because of the allergies he suffers from. Aside from being an amusing bedtime story for children, Itchy the Grump also zeroes in on the impact of skin allergies in a child’s life, like difficulty focusing in school, inability to sleep, and social embarrassment. It also emphasizes that prevention through the use of hypoallergenic products is the best way to avoid skin allergies. Itchy the Grump is available at all leading children’s clothing stores nationwide.

Del also inspires parents to be more proactive when it comes to skin allergies that may affect their kids. Visit, an online portal with useful articles on skin allergies and the best way to prevent them. Through this initiative, Del Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener hopes to minimize cases of skin allergies on children by promoting awareness and prevention.

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