Why Fly to Batanes


It’s a remote island up north that has a growing reputation of being ravaged by monsoons on a monthly basis. Yet people still go there and come back sporting bronze tans and huge smiles like they went on a relaxing trip somewhere. Ever wondered why?

Asian Spirit, the only airline service that offers flights to several tourist destinations in the country, wants you to discover the beauty of Batanes on a first-hand basis by simply packing your bags and journeying up north.

“There’s no other place in the Philippines as beautiful as Batanes,” says Asian Spirit Executive Vice President Joaquin Po.

An innate beauty that should be shared to all for them to appreciate, the island boasts of a mixture of Hispanic and Oriental cultures aside from the natural beauty of its untouched forests and sparkling, blue waters.

Here is where the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea meet in a majestic clash of waves that surrounds Batanes. From the cold northern winds that plow through the famed Marlboro Country, the 155 steps of the Chawa Viewdeck all the way to the romantic view of the cliffs and waters from both the Sabtang and Basco Lighthouses, Batanes often gives tourists the impression of being in “another place and time.”

Asian Spirit, in an effort to become the leader in “adventure airlines,” wants to bring serene places such as Batanes closer to people by offering one-hour jet flights with the BAe146 to the island that are reasonably priced without sacrificing great service and amenities.

Established back in September 1995 by a group called the Airline Employees Cooperative and armed with just one airplane, the DASH7, Asian Spirit enjoys the distinction of being the first airline to offer flights to Boracay.

Now that Asian Spirit is around and committed to giving people only the best, expect to see more and more people sporting beach tans, wearing Ukay-ukays from the famous Wagwagans of Baguio or even the famed Vakuls from Batanes.