Killer Billboards during Typhoon Milenyo

billboard ban
A driver was killed when a huge billboard landed on his van along the northbound EDSA lane. Other people sustained injuries as well. It’s about time that our government totally ban these huge billboards along the major thoroughfares. Can you imagine if an earthquake disaster will happen ? I don’t think these billboard trusses are safe. The above photos is a billboard along the Magallanes Interchange. It landed on a yellow commuter bus. Fortunately no deaths were reported but let’s not wait for another casualty to happen .

President Macapagal-Arroyo will soon issue tougher regulations on size, material and location, and her staunch ally, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, is gearing for war against the purported stalwarts of “corporate greed.”

Santiago yesterday called on Metro Manila mayors to slap multimillion-peso damage suits on the owners of billboards that fell and killed people as strong winds brought by Typhoon “Milenyo” battered the metropolis on Thursday.

Source: Storm brewing over killer billboards

View Photos I took of Fallen Billboards around Metro Manila

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