E-jeepneys (Electric Jeepneys)

(Photo by Greenpeace)
This is good news for the public. The first electric jeepney took a test drive in Makati City by no other than the Makati mayor himself. The electric powered jeepney or e-jeepney is a 10 to 12-seater but can run only at 40 kms an hour. This e-jeepney is financed by the Green Renewable Independent Power Producer Inc (GRIPP) in an effort to encourage the use of alternative fuels as well as to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases on climate change.

The e-Jeepneys are powered by five-horsepower electric motor engines with 12 batteries that, at full capacity, allow the vehicles to run 120 to 140 kilometers at around 40 kilometers per hour.

The batteries are charged for eight hours on ordinary 220-volt power sockets at a minimum cost of P120. In contrast, regular fume-spewing jeepneys guzzle P300 (US$6.50) or more of diesel each day.

Each e-Jeepney costs at least P400,000 to build, around P100,000 more than most shop-built diesel jeepneys.

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I like the idea that it runs only at a maximum 40 Kms per hour especially in busy traffic areas of commercial centers. It isn’t feasible in highways though unless the speed is increased. Anyway, kudos to Greenpeace for undertaking this project. May we see more ejeepneys plying the streets of Manila.