Mayon Volcano

Click on photo to enlarge. Photo Credits to my cousin, Florentino Lardizabal Jr
This is Mayon volcano taken just a few weeks ago

mayon volcano
Mayon Volcano in pictures via BBC. Mayon Volcano has erupted around 50 times in the last 400 years. More than 1,200 people died when it erupted in 1841. The most destructive eruption of Mayon occurred on February 1, 1814. Lava flows buried the town of Cagsawa and 1,200 people perished. Only the belltower of the town church remained. It is located between the Eurasian and the Philippine Plate and is a destructive plate boundary. Where a continental plate meets an oceanic plate it forces the denser oceanic plate down, pushing magma up.

I hope the eruption will not be devastating and that the people will be safe.

Here is a photo of Pinatubo Volcano

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