Mayon Volcano Tours

mayon volcano

Mayon volcano‘s exquisite triangular shape draws thousands of travelers and mountaineers to Albay, Bicol every year. The trek to the volcano’s crater is a challenging one that requires endurance, strength, and knowledge about volcano’s topography; veteran mountain climbers don’t actually recommend that amateurs attempt to reach mount Mayon’s summit. Near the volcano area, however, are the ruins of a town buried by Mayon’s worst eruption in 1814. The ancient churches of Albay and the Tiwi hot springs are also points of interest. Finally, WowBicol.Com has day trips around the periphery of the volcano if you’re interested in seeing the local communities and industries.

To get to Albay, Bicol, you can either take a flight to Legazpi City via Air Philippines or Philippine Airlines or take a 12-hour bus ride via Philtranco Bus Company in Pasay City.

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