Ricky Reyes One-on-One: The Ultimate Beauty Hang-out

Always expect the unexpected with trendsetting maverick Ricky Reyes whose instinct never misses the mark when it comes to beauty. This time, Ricky welcomes Filipinos to his beauty hang-out called One-on-One on the ground floor of Transcom Bldg, beside Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas, Libis, Quezon City.

I got to experience this ultimate beauty hang-out when a few bloggers got invited for beauty treatment. I’ve always patronized Ricky Reyes in the past because of their affordable salon services. I just wished they had credit card because sometimes I carry limited cash and since the services are affordable, I want more pampering done to me.


I tried their one-hour facial treatment which costs around 800 pesos. They use their own facial herbal treatment products. Facial treatment is one way for me to relax and I usually do this once a month.


I was curious about their hair manicure so I tried this. It’s supposed to remove the sediments from your hair and add a final polish to your color-treated hair. While I was pampered with hair manicure, a foot spa seemed like a good idea to make use of the time. At 300 pesos, the foot spa is such a bargain and I could see all my dead skin scrubbed out using the filer.

I think it is a cool idea to have beauty hang-out with friends. We were lucky to have Ricky Reyes in this particular gathering. He is so funny as he cut the hair of fellow bloggers, Nina, Ajay, Gail and Dine. They are so lucky to have Ricky style their hair. Watch the video above to see what I mean. He is hilarious.

His advice is to change something every quarter like “have bangs, color your hair…etc”.

Ricky Reyes One-on-One is ideal for spa parties, makeovers, and spa-themed bachelorette parties where girl friends may pamper themselves in luxurious beauty and wellness treatments. A variety of beauty and spa treatments such as rebond, hair reborn, hair cut, professional massages, facials, hair spa, foot spa, manicure, and pedicure in the comfort of a private venue is offered.


This salon to go to also serves as the perfect venue for wedding entourage hair and makeup, providing a relaxed atmosphere that eliminates the stress and pre-wedding jitters.

“Stress draws out a lot of negative energy, and it manifests itself physically,” says Ricky Reyes. “I want more Filipinas to leave their stress behind and maintain a good disposition, so we’ve created a soothing atmosphere that draws the beauty from within, so they can be beautiful from the inside out.”

Ricky even ups the ante by offering the whole package that may include catering for these beauty parties.

The pioneer of beauty technologies such as digital perm, milk rebonding, eyelash extension, milk hair color in the Philippines, this beauty guru never fails to set the trends.

Now if only he accepts credit card then I will probably get all of the above services, then again, maybe Ricky Reyes doesn’t want us to spend a lot of money for beauty treatments.

Anyway, if you want to inquire more about the ultimate beauty hang-out, call the Ricky Reyes hotline at +632-7217705 or +632-7235440.


  1. Mary Jane D. Lei says:

    Hi..I just want to say hello to my Ninany Ricky Reyes, i am the eldest daughter of Vic and Baby Lei, your neighbor in San Juan before..Inaanak nio po ako sa binyag and i’ve known po nagkita po kau nila Mami at Dadi last August 2010..nasa bahrain po ako nun,,and last Jan. 16 this year umuwi po ako for a vacation..I am very eager to meet you personally..Wish I could have a chance if your not busy po sana…Im looking forward for this meeting..this is my contact number po Ninang Ricky..09104646270…ingat po palagi and God Bless po..

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