Rhett Eala’s Art Gives Rise to Collezione C2

I clearly remember my college days in the mid-seventies. Collezione shirts was the craze. The trend. I completely forgot about this popular brand until I attended tonight’s Launch of My Pilipinas The Series: Art Meets Fashion, by Rhett Eala. What a timely launch , a day before Independence day?

I never thought I’d see the rebirth of Collezione brand other than just plain shirts. Imagine for 36 years, Collezione made a mark on the Philippine fashion scene by producing locally-made casuals such as classic tops, sports shirts and leisure shorts all embroidered with the ubiquitous key logo. But beyond just producing highly wearable pieces, they are now taking their commitment to the local industry a step further–as Collezione C2–by reinterpreting Nationalism as a hip, wearable and understandable concept for today’s youth.

In a rare interplay of art, fashion and nationalism, this is exactly what the rebirth of an iconic fashion brand aims to do.

“We wanted to go beyond the idea that Nationalism is outdated or that only heroes can show what it’s like to be patriotic,” says Joey Qua, President of Collezione C2. “ And we thought that fashion is one way by which we can make the concept and hopefully the practice of Nationalism more relevant, accessible and open for interpretation even among the new generation.”

Rhett Eala, Creative Director of Collezione C2 concurred with the Collezione team and then proceeded to create the My Pilipinas Collection — an RTW line which highlights the Philippine map silkscreened and embroidered in highly wearable pieces all executed in the high-quality manner that the brand is known for. And in keeping with Collezione’s casual tradition, various cotton materials such as pique, jersey and twill only in the most refreshing and eye-catching shades comprise the My Pilipinas collection.

“It was a challenge trying to craft clothes for the Fashionalista — the fashion-forward Filipino who’s a Nationalist at heart. They’re people who look beyond branding or aesthetics; since for them, even a simple action such as choosing clothes can become a statement of their pride as Filipinos,” affirms Rhett.

Aside from the welcome challenge of designing for the Fashionalista, Collezione C2’s Creative Director is also proud to share the same values as the brand. “Collezione has been part of Philippine fashion consciousness for the past 36 years but far from being content with what they have achieved so far, they’re a brand that’s willing to innovate, “ he says. “ And it’s gratifying that as Collezione C2, they’re hinging these innovations on Nationalism and genuine Filipino artistry.”

Back in 1972, Collezione got its inspiration from world-class brands that could only be admired through the pages of magazines. I know! I lived in those turbulent teenage years. During that time, the importation of these garments were very limited which is why the company wanted to supply Filipinos with high quality t-shirts that were locally made.


With the wealth of experience the company gathered through more than three decades, the brand established itself as a durable, high quality and well styled t-shirt brand. Back in the mid 1980’s, Collezione expanded its product lines and introduced women’s wear, and toward the late 1980s included children wear as well. I swear Collezione is so durable that I kept it for years until I couldn’t fit into any of the shirts.

Today, with initiatives such as the My Pilipinas Collection, and the My Pilipinas Series, Collezione C2 envisions itself as a universal brand for Filipinos. “We want to be brand that’s proudly Philippine made and proudly worn by Filipinos,” ends Joey Qua.

It’s nice to see that my kids who are now in college and masteral studies get to wear the renewed version of the Collezione brand that their mom used to wear in her college days.

collezione c2

Don’t you think this is such a cool fashion concept?

The exhibit will end until June 14 so go visit CAV RESTAURANT at the Bonifacio High Street. Enter through the Spa entrance.

Collezione C2 is available in the following branches: C2 Galleria (633.5069), C2 Trinoma (915.1701), C2 Market! Market! (758.2147) and C2 Ermita (523.7028). For questions or inquiries, please call 671.2770, or email [email protected]


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