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I never thought it would actually happen, but Nine Inch Nails finally came to Manila last night! My boyfriend and I had patron seat tickets to their Wave Goodbye show at Araneta Coliseum and it was the best date we ever had. This quick recap is based on the running commentary I made when I uploaded the photos onto my Facebook.

At first I was worried that my camera wouldn’t be allowed in, but it turns out that security thought folding umbrellas were a deadly weapon and wouldn’t let me in unless I checked it at baggage claim. WTF. I can understand why long, non-folding umbrellas might have been dangerous, but folding umbrellas? Really? I ended up getting rid of mine because the line at baggage check was not moving and the show was about to start, but it was worth it.


Pupil opened for Nine Inch Nails. I expected the opening act would take forever, but they only played two songs. What did take forever was the set-up. We were waiting maybe thirty minutes while the crew fiddled with wires onstage, but when the show started I understood why. The entire concert was a huge production of lights, smoke machines, not to mention the synths and other equipment they must have needed to play their music.

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After a long long wait, Nine Inch Nails finally came on!!! Trent Reznor looked a lot bigger than I expected. At first I thought he gained weight, but upon closer inspection I saw that it was all just muscle mass. Crazy.

nine inch nails in manila

I thought that they’d perform five songs and leave, but Nine Inch Nails ended up playing an hour and a half-long set of their biggest hits. They didn’t perform all the songs I liked (The Perfect Drug, Only, Starfuckers) but the whole concert was amazing anyway. Some of the songs they played were (not in this order): Terrible Lie, Dead Souls, The Hand that Feeds, Head Like A Hole, Closer, I’m Afraid of Americans (I was hoping David Bowie would come onstage for this one but that would have probably meant an extra thousand on the ticket), and Piggy. A friend filled me in on the songs that I missed: Wish, Reptile, March of the Pigs, and The Fragile. In between fast tracks they played a beautiful instrumental track (probably La Mer from The Fragile album) to slow things down.

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Security was needlessly paranoid about riots breaking out and concert-goers attacking each other with folding umbrellas. The crowd was so well-behaved; in fact, most of the people were just standing with their arms crossed. In our row, my boyfriend and I were the only ones jumping around like rabbits.

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When the lights dimmed after their last song, everybody started screaming for an encore. Then mood lights came on, and Nine Inch Nails started playing Hurt. Everyone brought their lighters out and started swaying to to the music, and I swear it was such a beautiful moment.

The Wave Goodbye tour is going to be Nine Inch Nails’ last series of performances for a long long while, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. Thank you so much to Splintrfor making Manila a part of the Wave Goodbye tour, and to my friend Baddie for giving me his complimentary ticket. For the rest of the pictures from last night, just hop on over to my Facebook album.

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