Living by Water Photo Exhibit

I’d like to invite you to the first solo exhibit of Ferdz Decena called Living By Water Exhibit. It will be held at the Alcove Perspectives, Filipinas Heritage Library and will run on May 12-27, 2008. Hope you can all drop by and see my friend’s work. More details below:

Exhibit: Living by Water
When: May 12 -27, 2008
Where: Alcove Perspective, Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati City

From time immemorial, civilizations have thrived and lived near bodies of water. The reason is crystal-clear: water is vital to man’s existence. It is the reason why this exhibition pays homage to water and its significance to how and why people live by the water. Featuring photos that tell stories about the coastal Filipinos’ living conditions, reveal their culture, and relate their stories of survival.

The exhibit will carry a raft of striking images from across our archipelago. The Badjao Stilt Villages of Basilan. The Muslim Stilt Village of Rio Hondo in Zamboanga. The fishermen of Siquijor. The T’bolis of Lake Sebu. The rugged shores of Itbayat in Batanes. And the tranquil coasts of Iloilo.

Ferdinand is a travel photographer and award-winning blogger. A graduate of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the Far Eastern University, he got started on film photography during his college years. He worked as a graphic artist and web designer for three years, pursuing photography as a hobby.

Landing his first publication job as an Art Director enabled him to embark on a new career ? as a professional travel photographer. Getting his fair share of freelance jobs and assignments, his works eventually got published in a number of travel magazines both here and overseas.

His website En Route at, is the chronicle of his many travels and insightful photography. It has received recognition from the both local and international media.

With eager eyes, a curious mind and wandering feet, this young travel photographer and blogger plans to do an exhibit on Asian Heritage sites in the near future.

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