For Voter or for Worse: Jon Santos Live at Rockwell

for voter or for worse

It’s great to know that so many people are taking an interest in our country’s future. In fact, the social concern is so great that the fever has infiltrated popular culture. Comedian and satirist Jon Santos is bringing his hit show For Voter or For Worse live to Rockwell audiences this April. It’s the best way to poke fun at the characters in Philippine politics – showbiz luminaries turned politicians, dyed-in-the-wool politicos, and naively hopeful newcomers. The show has a rich tapestry of loveable and unforgettable characters like Kris Anino, Aling Dioning, Sherrap, Kuring, and Gluring. Will Mommy Dioning finally confront the below-the-belt issue involving Manny and Krisista? Will Kris Anino give NyoyNyoy a makeover? Or will Jon simply live up to being his adaptable and ever-changing self, and throw in something completely new to his already zany mix?

Each show is unique from the last, so make sure you catch Jon Santos’ For Voter or for Worse! The live show will take place at the Power Plant Mall Cinema 2, 8:30 pm on April 7, 14, 21 and 28. Call 898-1440 or 898-1441 to book your tickets in advance.

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