Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia at the Imax Theater

Lucky Winners

Lady Cess

IMAX Mall of Asia will once again have a screening of their upcoming film, Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia. The event will be on Saturday, August 16, 6PM.

If you are interested, I will raffle 2 sets of 5 tickets for each winner so you can bring your barkada or family with you.

Just post below for the raffle. I will close the comments by tomorrow, August 12 (midnight) so there is enough time to give you the tickets.

Film makers used the IMAX 3D cameras to shoot original footage in Patagonia to create the backdrops for the digitally created 3D dinosaurs. Both dinosaur and background merge so perfectly together you’ll be convinced you’ve travelled back in time 60 million years.

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  1. jenny says:

    We haven’t experienced IMAX yet.. this can be a good start especially if it’s for free… My kids will love this as they love “Land before time” :)

  2. cza says:

    wow this is really interesting! I’ll join and I hope I’ll win! if I won, this will be me & my kids first time to experience watching a movie at IMAX! my kids will definitely enjoy this Dinosaurs movie!

  3. Melody Carolino says:

    This will be a really nice opportunity since I’m leaving the country next month and I haven’t bonded with my mother and my sisters yet. :(

  4. Jagger Augustine says:

    Watching in this big screen of Imax is like getting along with the dinosaurs already. I hope I could have the adventure with my friends together in iMAX :-)

  5. chelle says:

    hi! I hope I win so I can watch it with my family. I havents seen a 3d movie yet and I really really love to watch it! :) it’ll be a nice birthday treat for my sister. thanks!

  6. Anne Baes says:

    i had always been fascinated with dinosaurs, actually i know their type just by looking at their picture[yeah kinda weird for a girl :)] and so does my little cousin. i would like to watch the movie because i know it will set the conclusions about dinosaurs, which had been long before, debated. i want to know more about them, and it would be better the 3D way. :)

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