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Everybody’s excited about Christmas. My friends are making New Year’s Resolutions already. The main resolution I would want to make is to stop pretending. I pretend a lot. I pretend I’m a girl from Beverly Hills. Or I was a lonely ghost, searching the world for a new friend. And there are sometimes when I pretend I’m the world’s best writer, but I guess I’ll shake that thing off. I pretend in the chatrooms on the Net. But there should be one reason why I’m pretending, right? So I’m gonna say it.

The reason why I’m pretending is because of my being a writer business. I pretend because I want to mix in. Let’s say, my story is about a girl who had a horrible sister who played mean jokes on her. So I pretend to be that girl to know how she feels and when I do that, I know exactly what I’m going to type. I guess this might be a little too complicated but what’s a journal for, right?

My New Year’s Resolutions: (don’t laugh, for some may sound silly)
1. Stop that pretending business. Sometimes I feel dumb when I pretend and sometimes I don’t like it. Sometimes I like it too. It makes me feel like I’m a different person. It’s all too personal so I’m not going to write it here.

2. Improve my writing. I mean, I think I’m a great writer. But I guess my stories would need more. Know what I’m saying?

3. I’ve really got this bad habbit of mine *blush*. I keep biting my nails. I want to stop but I can’t. Duh. I know it’s stupid and childish.

4. Stop acting as if I’m older!!! That’s one of my problems too. I pretend I’m 17 or something. Anything to shake off the feeling that I’m 10. I hate being 10. I don’t like being 10. 10 is a childish age for me. You’re always being regarded as childish and weird. But this is one thing that I keep in mind: I’m an extraordinary 10 year old. No, I’m not bragging about this fact but how many 10 year olds write? I know a lot of teens that are my friends who write but 10? Well, I guess I was just a born writer. I’ve been writing since I was four and can’t stop.

5. Do something about my hair and face! Sometimes, I don’t think I’m pretty enough or my hair always flies to Mars (my expression) so I really have to do something. Especially that face. I can even take plastic surgery if I’m really tired of cleaning that annoying oily face!

*sigh* I guess I’m getting tired. It’s late at night and I am bushed. I’m sick (ugh!) just like last Christmas! Darn. I always get sick before Christmas. If I find out whoever gives me this sickness, I swear I’m gonna pound him grrrrr (Just my little twisted sense of humor.).

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  1. vangie says:

    Gads Lauren, I’m so impressed with you! I’ve been reading your blog off and on, due to rbj, and now I decided to read your very first post. It’s hard to imagine you were 10, and you’re already articulate. I feel like a proud tita! Good luck with all your endeavors!

  2. Caz says:

    Aloha there. I came across your blog this afternoon whilst trying to alleviate boredom. The title amused me, so I read on. I’m not usually in the habit of leaving random messages sites of people I don’t know (though it can be fun occasionally) but I had a look through your memorable entries and read this one. And find it astonishing that a ten year old could have written in such a mature, erudite manner. Sounds like you knew it then, too. :D Anyhow, hope you’re still writing, and it’s all good with you…

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