Vanity Fair Bazaar at Tiendesitas

You might be wondering what point is there in buying beauty products at a time of recession. But the best time to splurge on things that will make you feel better is during a difficult part of your life. If it will help you boost your confidence and gain self-esteem, then beauty products is definitely a good investment.

This month, head to Tiendesitas and check out the latest in cosmetics, health treatments, dermatology and beauty enhances at the Vanity Fair Bazaar! This delightful pick-me-up of an event features the best concessionaires in cosmetics and beauty, as well as beauty, style, and image experts who can impart valuable tips on how to look your best, recession or no!

The Vanity Fair Bazaar will run from March 28, 2009 until March 29, 2009, from 12 pm to 10 pm.

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