Staying Pretty with Myra E Vitaglow


Some girls let themselves go after they get into relationships. They think that just because they’ve finally found someone who loves them no matter how disheveled they look in the morning, it’s okay to stay looking like that the entire day. I can kind of understand how that happens. My boyfriend says he doesn’t mind it when I don’t wear makeup, so when my work gets hectic, it does get tempting to just go out with a bare face and the first clothes I see. But I think I owe it to myself to look my best, regardless of whether I’m “on the market” or not.

Besides, with a product like Myra VitaGlow on my vanity table, I really don’t have an excuse to not look pretty in a minute! For those who aren’t familiar with Myra VitaGlow, this is an amazing tinted moisturizer that provides an entire beauty regimen with just one squeeze of the tube.

First of all, it’s a moisturizer, which means it will keep your face soft, smooth, and supple after washing and toning. The product is tinted (lightly colored) and can be used to conceal minor blemishes and dark spots. If you’re lucky enough to have a flawless face, you can even use this as your foundation; it does a fantastic job of evening out your skin tone once it settles in, and gives your face that romantic dewy glow. Unfortunately, my blemishes are too heavy to look good in VitaGlow alone. So instead of using it as a foundation, I use VitaGlow as a makeup base to make sure my makeup stays fresh-looking all day (or night). In addition, VitaGlow works as a sunscreen, providing SPF15 protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. And of course, VitaGlow nourishes with vitamin E, preserving my youth and keeping my skin healthy-looking.

It’s hard to believe that a simple product could contain so many beauty benefits and beauty shortcuts, but it does! When I have to go out and am strapped for time, VitaGlow allows me to look radiant in just five minutes. And people notice the difference! Ever since I started using VitaGlow on a regular basis, I’ve been getting compliments from others about my glowing, even-looking skin. Of course, many of these compliments come from my boyfriend, who never fails to tell me how beautiful I look every time we see each other. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just doing his boyfriend-ly duty, but I’m more likely to believe him when I do put some effort into looking good.

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I think this is why girls should do their best to look pretty even when they’re in a steady relationship or when they’re married. Sure, your boyfriend or husband probably won’t leave you for looking unkempt on a regular basis, but it sure feels good when he tells you how stunning you look tonight. It feels even better when other people notice it and say so, especially if they’re people who don’t “have” to compliment you. I get a lot of these compliments whenever I use VitaGlow, and that makes me feel more confident and good about myself.

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