Spa Essentials Aromatherapy Oils

Did you know that you need to learn as much about aromatherapy products and their ingredients as you would about cosmetics? Aromatherapy oils are more than just pleasant scents you can use to aerate your room; they work like natural medicine to prevent disease and improve your physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils are extracted from plants and flowers using steam distillation and other methods. After extraction they are ready for use. Aromatherapy essential oils are absorbed through the skin during a massage or through the lungs when evaporated in an oil burner, and start their healing effect once they enter your bloodstream.

Spa Essentials is the Philippines’ exclusive distributor of Australia Botanical Products, the leading supplier of essential oils in Australia. Their oils and aromatherapy products are made out of only the finest, high-quality ingredients and can be found in Watsons and 5-star hotel chains such as Shangri-La, Hyatt Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental. Spa Essentials can also help you develop, produce, distribute and market your own customized spa products for professional or retail use.

If you’d like to learn how to create your own unique blend of aromatherapy products and essential oils, Spa Essentials holds a practical Make Your Own Aromatherapy Workshop. Call Spa Essentials at (02)838-2170 or visit their website at The Spa Essentials office is located at 2F Airrich Bldg. Km 19.5 East Service Sucat Rd., Sucat, Paranaque City, Philippines.

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