GNC Live Well: Avoid the 12 Pounds of Christmas

Come December, everyone’s social calendars are fully booked with family gatherings, Christmas parties, and other social occasions centered on food. Even if you don’t have as many parties to attend this year, there’s no avoiding the delicious holiday pastries you’ll receive as presents. How can you stay fit, healthy, and maintain your figure with this onslaught of mouthwatering goodies?

GNC live well

According to GNC Live Well Philippines, you can have the energy to enjoy the holidays and keep your healthy lifestyle with these tips:

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals will not only make you too tired and cranky to enjoy the festivities; it will also make you overeat at your next holiday gathering. If you want to feel full, try a protein smoothie.

Snack on high-fiber foods before the party. High-fiber foods make you feel full and will help you control your portions.

Eat tiny amounts of your favorite foods. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite holiday goodies. Go ahead and take a tiny slice of cake or a piece of chocolate – but don’t eat both.

Pacing is key. Here’s another way to control your portions – savor each mouthful and chew thoroughly before you swallow. It’s a meal, not a race to see who can clear their plate the fastest.

Drink lots of water. Water can also help you slow down your eating. Drink a glass or two of water before you start drinking alcohol, and take a sip or two between bites.

Socialize more. By catching up with the other guests at the party, you’ll be too busy talking and listening to eat.

Aid your metabolism with these GNC supplements. Conjugated Linolenic Acid, Green Tea, and Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules will help you burn energy faster so those excess calories won’t be converted into fat.

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