Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty & Sara Black’s “When I Look in the Mirror”

The media and the messages they propagate is almost impossible to escape these days. Every day, women are hounded by images of what advertisers claim are beautiful women – women with pale flawless skin, Eurasian features, straight sparkling white teeth – in order to push products that will purportedly make women “beautiful”. Because of these images, we women constantly obsess over our features, and the smallest zit or blemish is enough to make us feel un-pretty.

dove campaign for real beauty

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is out to change this by pushing real women into the limelight and celebrating their natural beauty. As part of its advocacy, Dove got highly involved with fashion photographer Sara Black’s new book, “When I Look in the Mirror.” The book was launched at Greenbelt 5 yesterday and is made up of portraits of widely diverse, beautiful Filipino women (I even saw one of my friends from college in there).

dove campaign for real beauty

Each portrait comes with every person’s story about how they remain untouched and unaffected by the standards of beauty dictated to us by society and the media. I found that a lot of them share the same anxieties that I have about my own looks, and I admire how they choose to stay positive and confident about who they are. Instead of making us worry about how to cover up our “flaws”, this book teaches us to celebrate them as marks of individuality and uniqueness.

dove campaign
The photo exhibition showcasing a selection of portraits of the beautiful women featured in the book, “When I Look in the Mirror” can be viewed at The Gallery, 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5 until March 22, 2009.

Also visit Dove Philippines Campaign For Real Thoughts.

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