Zen Zest Foot Spa Products

To me, nothing smells more clean and soothing than peppermint. Whether it’s on candy or bath and body products, the scent of peppermint invigorates me more than any other scent. One of my favorite discoveries is the new Zen Zest Peppermint Foot Spa product – an affordable line of peppermint scented foot spa products containing essential peppermint oils to relax tired feet.

Each item in the foot care line – soothing foot soaks, exfoliating foot scrubs, moisturizing foot lotions, refreshing foot sprays – is a rejuvenating experience for your overworked feet. Here’s how you can enjoy a luxurious foot spa at home with the Zen Zest products:

Soak your feet in a solution of warm water and Zen Zest foot soak for ten minutes. The warm water improves the circulation in your feet and the essential oils in the peppermint foot soak deoderizes and relaxes your tired feet, as well as softens corns and callouses.

Invigorate and energize the soles of your feet with a stimulating foot scrub. The peppermint foot scrub contains pumice, which softens rough calloused skin, as well as a natural antiseptic called tea tree oil that combats foot fatigue.

Spritz on some foot spray to maintain the pepperminty freshness on your feet.

Finish off the ritual with a foot lotion to condition and moisturize your skin.

Available at all Zen Zest boutiques and kiosks in major malls nationwide!
Foot soak – P120
Foot scrub – P260
Foot lotion – P240
Foot spray – 120

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