Sunsilk Co-Creations

Split ends, limp hair, damaged hair – we’ve all had to deal with them at one point or another. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a shampoo line that could address a wide range of hair problems?

sunsilk cocreations line

Thank the hair gods for Sunsilk’s new line of shampoos! Sunsilk Co-Creations was made with the help of the world’s greatest hair experts so that Sunsilk can provide a specialized shampoo for specific types of hair textures or hair problems. Unlike the average shampoo, which comes in a one-size-fits-all bottles, Sunsilk Co-Creations is especially formulated to suit your hair’s unique condition and/or problems, at a price that you can afford.


Infused with Enriched ZPT Citrus Complex, Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Shampoo cleanses your scalp to eliminate dandruff from the first wash. At the same time, it protects the hair from dryness. To come up with this Shampoo, Sunsilk teamed up with Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC, world-class dermatologist and expert at understanding skin and scalp care. Now you can enjoy a dandruff-free scalp with regular use of this shampoo. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Sunsilk Damage Repair does exactly what it says – it gives gentle care to damaged hair while reconstructing it beneath the hair surface. This shampoo was co-created with Bobsoho Salon of London, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating damaged hair. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Tired of seeing clumps of hair fall out in the shower? Use Sunsilk Hairfall Solution. Enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex, it gently cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair, while reinforcing hair from roots to tips. This shampoo was also co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Had your hair rebonded recently? Maintain your straight strands with Sunsilk Straight and Sway. Enriched Enriched with Amino Collagen Complex, it cleanses your straight hair and gently relaxes your hair bonds, providing softness and suppleness to give natural movement. This shampoo was co-created with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creator of the world’s latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Worry no more about unruly, unmanageable hair with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable. Enriched with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex, it gently cleanses and coats hair strands to smoothen fluffy hair. This shampoo was co-created with Yuko Yamashita from Japan, creator of YUKO Hair Straightening. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Breathe life into dry hair with Sunsilk Soft and Smooth. Enriched with Ceramide Macadamia Complex, it gently cleanses and conditions even the driest and roughest hair, while acting as a softening agent to rebalance hair condition. This shampoo was co-created with Bobsoho Salon. Founded by Thomas Taw, this salon is famous for making dry hair soft and silky to touch. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Last but certainly not the least, nourish your long locks with Sunsilk Strong and Long. Enriched with Active Fruitamin Complex, its rich moisture formula gently cleanses and refreshes your hair, while penetrating it and fortifying hair fibers so it becomes up to 10x stronger and 3x smoother with boosted shine. This is another co-creation with Teddy Charles. SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle

Available at all supermarkets and department stores.

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