Smell Like Wild Cherries All Summer with The Body Shop

The Body Shop just came out with a new line of yummy bath and body products that are also eco-friendly. Oil from wild cherry seeds discarded by jam makers in Italy are the primary ingredients of the new Body Shop Wild Cherry Bath and Body range, a delicious collection of succulent, rich moisturizing products with a sweet fragrance that lingers.

The Wild Cherry Body Scrub (P895) is perfect for rubbing off the sweat of the summer heat. This delicious combination of cherry oil, kiwi seeds, and crushed walnut shells doesn’t go overboard scent-wise; rather it has a subtle sweetness that perks up my skin and makes them feel smoother right after my shower. To make sure that your skin keeps in the moisture and the delicious scent of cherries, rub in some Wild Cherry Body Butter (P695). With soya oil from Brazil and Italian olive oil, the body butter will provide long-lasting moisture when you stay indoors.

For the summer heat, try the non-greasy option, a lightweight gel-based body moisturizer called the Wild Cherry Puree Body Lotion (695), which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, minus the stickiness of body butter.

Even your lips get a luscious treat from the wild cherry line! Grab some Wild Cherry Lip Butter (295) to prevent dryness and to keep your lips cherry sweet.

The Wild Cherry Bath and Body line is now available at all Body Shop stores nationwide.

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