Rexona Gives You That Just-Showered Feeling

For a society that doesn’t think twice about our polluted surroundings, we sure are obsessed with personal hygiene. It probably has to do with the awful summer heat and the buckets of sweat that we must secrete everyday. Even during the rainy season, the humidity that comes before a downpour makes our skin feel sticky and gross.

rexona shower clean

It’s no wonder that Filipino men and women shower more than once a day to feel fresh and smell good. We’re also constantly in search for products that will keep us fresh-smelling all day. To help us stay cool and give us that just-showered sensation all day, Rexona came out with a new line of products called Shower Clean. Aside from roll-on anti-perspirant deodorants, which the company is well-known for, the Shower Clean line includes deodorant spray, deo-lotion, and deo-stick. Each product is infused with a fresh, just-showered scent that will last all day, no matter how hot it gets. Pick one up at the nearest drug store or supermarket and feel the difference.

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